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Coronation Street SPOILER: Sinead gets devastating cancer news

Sinead's battle is only just beginning...

Sinead Tinker and Daniel Osbourne’s future is thrown into even more uncertainty after doctors reveal Sinead’s cancer has spread.

The mum-to-be has been secretly avoiding her chemo appointments in a bid to protect her unborn baby, favouring alternative treatment for her cancer instead after talking to fellow patient, Steff.

Sinead gets devastating news about her cancer in Coronation Street
Sinead is heartbroken when she discovers Steff has died (Credit: ITV)

Last week saw Sinead discover the devastating news that Steff, who has also been missing her chemotherapy appointments, is gravely ill after her cancer spread and now only has days to live.

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But while Daniel is on the warpath after discovering Sinead has been lying to him about having chemo, he’s soon given a reality check when he finds out how ill Steff really is, and that Sinead could so easily be in the same position.

Sinead gets devastating news about her cancer in Coronation Street
Sinead confessed to Billy last week that she had been skipping chemo (Credit: ITV)

As Ken takes the pair to the hospital to see what their next step might be, the parents-to-be are shocked to the core when specialists reveal Sinead’s cancer has also spread.

But what does this mean for Sinead? Can she still fight her cancer?

Thankfully, Sinead decides that she needs to start chemo straight away, finally taking the doctors advice. But is it too little too late?

Coronation Street lines up special Barlow episode as Sinead Tinker's heartbreaking cancer battle is revealed
Sinead will start her chemo again next week (Credit: ITV)

With Daniel by her side, Sinead attends her first chemo session in weeks, and she’s full of apologies that she’s been lying to him for so long. But is he ready to forgive and forget so quickly?

The pair receive yet more devastating news later in the week when it is revealed that Steff has died. Will this be the reality check that Sinead needs to fight this cancer head-on?

Beth and Chesney in Coronation Street
Beth asks Chesney to help her get money for Sinead’s treatment (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile Beth is horrified to discover Sinead’s cancer has spread and decides to look into some specialist cancer care over in Germany.

She’s thrown when she realises it would cost her thousands of pounds… but it’s only when she later sees Carla stashing a wad of cash in the safe at work that she is given food for thought.

Sinead gets devastating news about her cancer in Coronation Street
Will Dev discover he’s been duped? (Credit: ITV)

Roping Chesney into her plan, the pair decide to steal money from Dev, deciding to make it look like a mugging.

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But as they get Kirk involved in their scheme as Chesney’s fake attacker, will they manage to pull it off without Dev working out the truth? It seems unlikely!

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