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Monday 25th May 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: Shona devastated as Clayton attacked

There's yet more trouble on the horizon

Shona Ramsey is left heartbroken when Clayton is rushed to hospital after being beaten up in jail next week - but does this latest twist mean she will now help him with his request to move prisons?

After finding a DVD on the doormat at home, Shona is left terrified when she watches it and realises someone has broken into her home and filmed her while she was sleeping.

But instead of telling David what has happened - she keeps the news to herself.

Clayton has been asking Shona to help him move prisons (Credit: ITV)

Confronting Clayton about what has happened, he reveals to Shona that the DVD is the work of the prison bullies and this is why she needs to help him move jails, or they will be after her.

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Later the worried mum is cornered by two scary looking men in the barber shop, who have clearly been sent by someone connected to Clayton... but when they start making demands, will Shona give in?

Shona has found it hard to say no to her jailbird son (Credit: ITV)

Unfortunately for Shona her trouble with Clayton is soon exposed when Nick sees her talking to the thugs in the barbers and is instantly intrigued.

He follows her to see her take a parcel off two very dodgy looking men in the street, and later demands to know what is going on.

But will she tell Nick the trouble she is in thanks to her jailbird son?

Shona is upset when she hears that Clayton is hurt (Credit: ITV)

Later in the week Shona is upset when she gets a call to say that Clayton has been beaten up in prison and she rushes to the hospital to see him.

Shona is shocked to see her son in such a state, and immediately feels guilty. But when Clayton reveals that he wishes she had died instead of his dad, she is left crushed.

Clayton is in a bad way in hospital (Credit: ITV)

But while she is visiting her son, David starts to get suspicious that something is going on and corners Nick in the barbers to find out exactly what is happening... but will Nick confess Shona's secret?

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Having forced the information out of Nick, David confronts his girlfriend, wanting to know why Clayton has been so badly beaten.

Shona tells David part of the truth about Clayton (Credit: ITV)

But although Shona tells David about Clayton's ultimatums, she plays down what has actually happened and manages to keep the bit about him wanting her to smuggle drugs into the prison to herself.

But why is she so adamant that David should be kept in the dark? And just how much deeper is she going to let herself get into Clayton's dodgy dealings?

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