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Wednesday 8th April 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: Robert's blackmailed over double life

Who knows about Michelle and Vicky?

Robert from Coronation Street has been treading on dangerous territory, trying to play two women.

Since his secret fling with Vicky resulted in pregnancy, he has dug himself an ever deeper hole.

While he has been desperate to keep the truth from Michelle, he has also been fearful of losing his unborn baby, with Vicky threatening to move to Ireland.

So, despite already being engaged to Michelle, he ended up proposing to Vicky!

Robert gives Vicky the fake ring (Credit: ITV)

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Worse still, he did it with Michelle's ring, which he was supposed to be getting resized.

He then had to tell Vicky that it was a fake... but his plan is to get her a fake ring made and pass it off as the real deal.

(Keeping up?!)

Meanwhile, next week, Michelle happens to see a message on Robert's phone saying the ring (which is actually the fake!) is ready to collect.

Little does she know, her ring is in Robert's car. He collects the replica and gives it to Vicky, which infuriates her ex, Jed.

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Jed decides to break into Robert's car and happens upon the original ring... he demands to know why there are TWO!

Working out what has been going down, Jed warns Robert that he will tell Michelle everything, unless he pays him £5,000.

Jed confronts Robert (Credit: ITV)

He agrees to Robert's offer of £2k, on the condition that he persuade his son Tyler to move to Ireland with him.

But when Jed overhears Robert telling Tyler he hopes he sticks around, the deal to keep schtum is off.

Desperate Robert turns the tables and warns Jed to leave or he'll show police evidence of him trying to blackmail him...

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