Coronation Street SPOILER: Peter Barlow is shot TONIGHT!

But what are the consequences...?

Peter Barlow fans had better prepare for some dramatic scenes tonight, as the soap fave becomes collateral damage in his son’s feud with big bully Tyler.

The former pub landlord puts his life in jeopardy when he promises to protect his son Simon from the gang that’s been terrorising him for months.

But the new Underworld boss probably didn’t realise that would include taking an actual, literal bullet for his child.

Simon arrived back from Cornwall this week (Credit: ITV)

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This week, Simon returned from Cornwall just in time for his sentencing and also to testify against teen horror story Tyler.

Earlier this year, the pair broke into Adam and Daniel’s flat with the intention of robbing it.

However, they were caught in the act by Daniel’s OAP friend Flora and Tyler panicked, throwing a jewellery box at her head which knocked her out cold.

Simon realises his son is in grave danger (Credit: ITV)

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While Tyler fled, Simon hung around to make sure she was okay… An act which landed him in big trouble with the police – and the gang.

As he returned to take to the stand against Tyler, Simon started to receive threatening text messages from the gang.

And, after an attempted kidnapping, Peter steps in and takes Simon to the factory where he can make sure he’s safe.

Sinead tells Carla she’s bleeding (Credit: ITV)

However, when Peter has to go out, he asks Carla to keep an eye on Simon. But she gets distracted when Sinead reveals she’s bleeding…

Later, both Peter and Carla head back to the factory, but neither of them see a car slow down and a gun poke out of the window.

Carla is horrified when a shot rings out across the cobbles and Peter falls to the ground clutching his chest.

Will he be okay? And will Tyler get away with his latest violent act?

Carla and Peter give fans something to be happy about… (Credit: ITV)

And could there even be a silver lining in that Carla realises how much she cares for her ex-hubbie?

Corrie fans were delighted recently when Carla and Peter finally snogged in the factory after flirting with each other for the best part of a year.

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