Coronation Street SPOILER: Michelle grows closer to Robert as she searches for Carla

The hunt is on...

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With Carla Connor still missing, Michelle Connor is desperate to track her down and bring her home to Coronation Street where she belongs. But will she succeed where everyone else has failed?

Carla has been missing for weeks following her breakdown after the Underworld roof collapse… but Michelle has had enough of waiting around and decides to take matters into her own hands next week.

When she gets a message from Peter Barlow who is in rehab telling her that he is going to quit his recovery programme and get back to finding Carla, she promises she will search for the missing factory boss herself.

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Peter’s relapse has left him unable to continue searching for Carla (Credit: ITV)

So while Peter reluctantly continues his latest stint in rehab, Michelle becomes a woman on a mission, desperate to track down her best friend.

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As she spreads the word that she is going to find Carla, Michelle is touched when Daniel shows her posters that Robert has had made, offering a reward for information about Carla.

Seeing a different side to Robert makes Michelle soften towards her former fiancé, and she asks him out for lunch.

Michelle sees a new side to Robert when she realises he has been looking for Carla (Credit: ITV)

Desperate to talk about where to start looking for Carla, Michelle is disappointed when Robert cancels at the last minute, claiming he has got to go to the wine suppliers for the Bistro.

But as Michelle is confessing to Ali that she misses Robert, little does she know he has been lying to her once again.

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Instead of going to buy wine like he said, Robert is actually heading to a hotel and is left stunned by what he sees when he arrives.

There’s something that Robert isn’t telling Michelle… but what? (Credit: ITV)

What has he witnessed? And why is he still hiding things from Michelle?

The news that actor Tristan Gemmill will be leaving his role as Robert Preston later this year hints that there is more drama to come for his character.

With an exit storyline still to play out, it remains to be seen if he knows more about the factory roof collapse than he is letting on…

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