Coronation Street SPOILER: Michelle drops huge baby bombshell

Robert's thrown when Michelle drops a bombshell

Robert Preston will be left reeling next week when Michelle drops a huge baby bombshell on him.

After recently bringing up the subject of them having a child together, Robert was upset when Michelle told him that she might never be ready to have any more kids.

Robert was upset when Michelle revealed she didn’t want any more kids (Credit: ITV)

But with no children of his own, Robert was crushed by the realisation that he might never get to pass on his genes… until Kate Connor asked him to secretly be her baby daddy.

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With newly engaged Kate and Rana planning to have a baby, Kate has been a woman on a mission, desperately trying to find someone who would help them have a child after Rana revealed she didn’t want a stranger to be their donor.

The pair have been at odds ever since Michelle revealed she might never be ready to have another baby (Credit: ITV)

But while Robert initially dismissed Kate’s slightly unusual request, he soon changed his mind when it appeared this could be his only chance of being a father.

Next week sees Robert lying to Michelle that he has been accepted on a course at the last minute. But instead of heading off for training, he’s actually secretly joining Kate for an initial consultation at a fertility clinic.

Ryan calls the training course, but Robert’s not there (Credit: ITV)

But it looks like his secret might be blown when the lights go in the Bistro while he’s away and Ryan phones the training college in the hope he might be able to speak to Robert.

But of course not only is Robert not there, no one on the course has ever heard of him, and alarm bells start to ring for Michelle.

Knowing that he is lying to her, Michelle confides in Carla about how her and Robert have been fighting recently over his desire to have a baby.

Michelle confronts Robert about where he’s really been (Credit: ITV)

When Robert returns, Michelle demands some answers, knowing that he’s been sneaking around. But while it’s going against his nature to fib to his wife, Robert’s determination to be a dad takes over, and he still doesn’t confess what’s really happening.

Instead, Robert lies that he just needed time alone to think, leaving Michelle more upset than ever. If only she knew where he really was!

Michelle knows that losing her son Ruairi after he was born prematurely is understandably what is holding her back from considering having more children, so she enquires about counselling.

Robert and Kate go to a fertility clinic to talk about having a baby (Credit: ITV)

But while Michelle goes ahead with the session, Kate and Robert’s lies are almost exposed when they arrive at the same location for their appointment about having a baby, only to almost walk straight into Michelle who is leaving her counselling appointment.

Robert panics and bundles Kate into a cupboard – but their near miss makes him realise he needs to be honest with Michelle about helping Kate have a baby and the pair decide to tell their other halves later that day.

The pair decide to tell Rana and Michelle – but Robert’s about to be shocked when Michelle drops a bombshell (Credit: ITV)

But before he can sit Michelle down and tell her everything, Robert is totally thrown when she starts to tell him about her counselling session and how it has made her realise that she does want to try for a baby after all.

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Robert is thrilled by her total U-turn, but in his excitement, he’s completely forgotten what he had originally wanted to tell Michelle.

The only problem is, Kate has tracked down Rana and they’re about to have ‘the chat’ at that very moment.

Will Robert get to Kate before she spills the beans to Rana about their shocking plan?

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