Coronation Street SPOILER: Gary lines Ryan up as his next victim?

Is the Weatherfield killer about to strike again?

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There’s danger on Coronation Street next week when Ryan Connor finds himself on the wrong side of cobbles killer Gary Windass. Has he just landed himself in grave danger?

Having taken on Rick’s dark persona as well as his dodgy business, Gary Windass is a different man since killing evil Rick Neelan.

Gary Windass
Gary has taken on Rick’s dark persona since killing him (Credit: ITV)

And it seems that even his neighbours aren’t safe from his new wicked ways when he targets an unsuspecting Ryan.

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The former builder-turned-killer takes out a wad of Rick’s cash next week and hides it in a desk draw before heading out to do some more dodgy business, leaving Ryan to mind the furniture shop.

But he soon regrets leaving Ryan in charge when he returns back to the shop and finds Ryan has sold the desk – complete with the stash of cash still hidden in the draw.

Gary Windass Coronation Street
Gary discovers his £650 is missing after Ryan sold the furniture he’d hidden it in (Credit: ITV)

Ryan’s proud of himself for selling the furniture for £200… but the smile is soon wiped off his face when a fuming Gary reveals there was £650 hidden in there!

Ryan apologises for apparently not realising his mistake, and tells Gary that the desk was bought by Mary, who wanted it for the flower shop.

But when Gary calls at the florist to see if he can get his cash back, he’s annoyed to find it is gone.

Even Mary claims she hasn’t seen the cash and swears blind that the draws were empty when she bought the furniture.

Gary Windass Coronation Street
Gary realises that Ryan must have his cash when Alya lets slip he’s come into some money (Credit: ITV)

However, it seems Ryan might know more about Gary’s missing money than he is letting on, because he’s soon telling Alya all about how he has just come into some money, claiming that he has sold some of his old vinyls.

Alya is thrilled when Ryan tells her he can now afford to join her in Copenhagen, but its not long before Gary gets wind of Ryan’s new-found wealth and works out where his money went.

Gary confronts Ryan over his deceit and threatens to call the police – meaning it looks like Ryan’s city break might be off the cards once again.

Alya and Gary Windass Coronation Street
Alya accidentally drops Ryan in it with Gary (Credit: ITV)

Eventually Ryan admits that he is the one who took the cash, but claims that he didn’t realise it belonged to Gary when he took it.

But Gary soon turns nasty and tells him that he can pay back every penny, except this time he will be playing it back with interest too.

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With Ryan now in debt to Gary, is he about to find himself in the killer’s bad books if he fails to pay the money back?

Gary Windass Corrie beaten up
Ryan is oblivious to what Gary is capable of… (Credit: ITV)

Ryan has no idea just how dangerous Gary can be… has he just inadvertently signed his own death warrant?

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