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Coronation Street SPOILER: Kate propositions Robert

Is Kate about to take her quest to have a baby a step too far?

Coronation Street’s Robert will be left shocked next week when Kate makes him a surprising proposition – but will he agree to her unexpected request?

Ever since Kate and Rana got engaged, the pair have been making plans for their future together. But while Rana is happy to focus on their impending nuptials, Kate is one step ahead of her fiancée and is already planning a family.

Kate and Rana both proposed on the same day (Credit: ITV)

There’s just one problem, Rana isn’t really on board with Kate’s idea to have a baby, but with Kate finally looking properly happy for the first time since Aidan’s tragic death earlier this year, Rana doesn’t have the heart to rain on her parade.

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While Kate decides the pair should look into having IVF to kickstart their dreams of being a family, Rana’s quickly feeling like things are getting out of hand.

Nonetheless, the pair do some research and are left shocked when they discover their first round of treatment will cost £3500.

Johnny offers to fund Kate’s IVF dreams (Credit: ITV)

Without that kind of money, it seems Kate and Rana – or just Kate’s – dreams of having a baby are dashed. But after an interesting conversation with Rita, Johnny is given food for thought.

Rita confesses she’s always wished she’d had children of her own, leading Johnny to tell his daughter that he will fund their IVF dream.

Kate’s thrilled, but Rana doesn’t look too happy… (Credit: ITV)

Kate is thrilled, but the same can’t quite be said for Rana.

When the pair visit a fertility clinic next week, Kate is giddy with excitement. But while Rana paints on a smile, it’s clear that she doesn’t feel the same way.

The only trouble is, Kate is so consumed with all things baby-related, she doesn’t notice that her wife-to-be isn’t on the same page as her.

Rana paints on a smile… (Credit: ITV)

The pair decide Kate will be the one to carry the baby, and she tells Rana that she can’t wait to be pregnant. But while Johnny is looking forward to the prospect of having another grandchild, Rana finally bites the bullet and confesses her fears to Kate.

Michelle asks Robert if Kate’s talk of babies is making him broody (Credit: ITV)

And when Rana admits that she doesn’t like the idea of a complete stranger fathering their baby, Kate is given an idea… and that’s where Robert comes into the equation.

Without realising that Robert has recently been harbouring hopes for him and Michelle to have a baby of their own, Kate decides that if Rana doesn’t want a random stranger to be their baby daddy, she will ask someone closer to home to help them out.

Will he confess what Kate has asked him to do? (Credit: ITV)

One night, Kate drunkenly propositions Robert, asking him to father their baby… but despite his desire to have kids of his own, will Robert agree?

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Robert turns Kate’s idea down, telling her it’s a crazy request and sends her packing. But with Kate so desperate to be a mum, it doesn’t look like she’s going to let this idea go.

Can she convince Robert to change his mind?

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