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Wednesday 8th July 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: Geoff lets Yasmeen think he has cancer

He lies he could have cancer

Geoff Metcalfe's sickening abuse of Yasmeen Nazir is set to get even worse in this week's Coronation Street when he lets her believe he has cancer.

After he put spy cameras in her home during Monday night's episode of the soap (August 20), Yasmeen wasn't happy, so he insisted it was over between them and moved out.

He's been trying to control her for months, but things have been getting worse and worse over the last couple of weeks.

Geoff has been isolating Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

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He's isolated her from her friends by making sure she partnered him at Bridge, he's constantly throwing tantrums and making Yasmeen believe it's all her fault, and now he's spying on her.

After he moved back into his son Tim's house, and made sure to tell Tim how controlling Yasmeen is, Geoff opened his laptop to reveal he'd left a camera at Yasmeen's place and he was watching her every move without him.

Last week he made Yasmeen think he's ill by visiting the doctors for heart palpitations, even though it's clear there's nothing at all wrong with him.

There's nothing wrong with him, but he lets Yasmeen believe there is (Credit: ITV)

This week when Yasmeen bumps into Geoff, she asks after his health and explains what's been going on to Alya.

Wanting to help her grandmother, Alya tells Geoff how much he means to Yasmeen and asks him not to give up hope that they could work things out.

Obviously this is exactly what Geoff wanted to hear and although he acts like he's not bothered, he's secretly chuffed his plan is working.

He steps things up later on when he lists all of his medical problems to Yasmeen and lets her believe he could have cancer.

Yasmeen is upset to hear Geoff may have cancer (Credit: ITV)

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When he arrives for work at Speed Daal, concerned Yasmeen refuses to let him lift a finger and it's clear he's loving the attention.

She later visits him at No.4 and offers words of comfort, which baffles Tim when he arrives home.

Yasmeen realises Geoff hasn't told his son about his 'condition' and she urges him to come clean.

Will Geoff tell Tim the lie too?

It looks like the plan is working as Yasmeen falls further under Geoff's spell, but will she take him back?

Can anyone help Yasmeen before it's too late?

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