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Saturday 6th June 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: Gail goes missing

David and Nick are due in court, but Gail's nowhere to be seen...

There's drama in Coronation Street next week when Gail goes missing shortly before David and Nick take to the stand in court.

It's fair to say that tensions are running high in the Platt house at the moment.

Audrey is still annoyed with Gail for abandoning her at the hospital (Credit: ITV)

With both David Platt and Nick Tilsley facing jail time for stealing Audrey's life savings and then using the money to open a barbers, things have reached boiling point as the brothers desperately try to avoid spending time at Her Majesty's pleasure.

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Both David and Nick are determined to play dirty if it means staying out of prison, but as they try and frame one another, the stress is getting too much for their poor mum, Gail.

Gail is also in mum Audrey's bad books by the end of this week when she abandons her at the hospital when both of her sons need her - and she is still holding a grudge by the time next week comes around.

Things have been very tense in the Platt house recently (Credit: ITV)

But as the family bicker amongst themselves, Sarah is shocked to realise that Gail has done a vanishing act and no one knows where she is!

Worried about where their mum might be, Sarah calls the police when Gail fails to return the following day. But it doesn't take long for the finger pointing to start and Audrey blames David and Nick for driving their mother away.

As the brothers lock horns, it seems they're going to have to put their search for Gail on hold because they're due in court.

David and Nick take to the stand next week (Credit: ITV)

With Gail missing, the pair come to a truce and Nick even tells David that he will stand up in court and take full reponisibily for what happened with Audrey's cash.

But when Leanne tells him that she doesn't want him spending a stint in jail because her and Oliver would miss him too much, he is forced to think again.

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As the court day arrives, David is shocked when Nick goes back on his word and blames his brain injury for his actions, framing David as the mastermind behind the theft.

Nick plays dirty and frames David for everything (Credit: ITV)

But what will the judge decide?

And just where is Gail?

Will she return to the cobbles to hear what the future holds for both her boys?

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