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Tuesday 14th July 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: Eileen fears for her life as the truth about Jan is revealed

Things are about to turn seriously nasty...

Eileen Grimshaw will find herself in grave danger in next week's Coronation Street as she discovers the truth about builder boyfriend Jan Lozinski being involved in the illegal human trafficking ring that brought Alina Pop to the UK.

Seb Franklin has been a man on a mission recently, having realised that something didn't add up about girlfriend Alina ending their relationship.

But his digging also sees him in big trouble when the gang go to great lengths to silence him next week.

Seb discovers the truth about Alina this week (Credit: ITV)

This week it turns out Seb was right to be suspicious when he discovers Alina has been brought to the UK as part of an Eastern European human trafficking ring.

But next week sees Seb land himself in serious danger when he tries to expose the trafficking gang and finds himself coming face-to-face with evil gang leader Nikolai.

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Clearly there's not much that the trafficking gang won't do to stop their illegal empire from being exposed, because Seb soon finds himself knocked unconscious and being driven to the local A&E department by Jan.

Jan and Rachel have been fighting to keep their illegal trafficking a secret (Credit: ITV)

Abi and Eileen are stunned when they get a call to say that Seb has been found at the hospital and both rush to the handyman's side... but when Eileen calls Jan on the way, he lies and tells her that he's working in Birmingham.

Eileen is sure that Jan is hiding something and heads to the salon, determined to get some answers. But once there she's shocked to see Jan, Rachel and Nikolai hurrying to put all the salon fixtures and fittings into the back of a van.

Eileen confronts her other half about what is going on, and she's left heartbroken when he tells that he's a liar and a cheat and never cared for her.

Eileen confronts Jan next week (Credit: ITV)

As the scales start to fall from Eileen's eyes she tries to call the police.

But before she can get through, a fight breaks out between Jan and Nikolai, who smashes her phone so that she can't make the call.

In serious danger and with no phone to call for help, Eileen starts to realise that her life is on the line...

But just as she fears the worst, the police come smashing into the salon and arrest them all.

Things soon turn nasty and Eileen realises she is in grave danger (Credit: ITV)

Poor Eileen finds herself caught up in the group arrest and is carted off to the police station with everyone else...

Thankfully the police soon realise she is innocent and release her without charge.

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Eileen is stunned to realise it was Seb who called the police and Abi is shocked when Eileen tells her just how nasty things had got before the police arrived.

The police arrive just at the right time (Credit: ITV)

Everyone is thrilled when Seb is released from hospital, and he and Eileen bond over their harrowing experiences at the hands of the dangerous trafficking gang.

But where does this leave Seb and Alina's romance?

And will Eileen be able to piece her life back together after making yet another bad choice when it comes to who she falls in love with?

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