Coronation Street SPOILER: David confesses to Audrey

How will Audrey react?

The truth is finally out in next week’s Coronation Street as David Platt tells Audrey Roberts what really happened to her missing money.

While Coronation Street fans have known that Nick Tilsley is the one who stole his gran’s money and then spent it by opening a barbers with brother David.

David and Nick in Coronation Street
David and Nick have been hiding a huge secret for months (Credit: ITV)

However, poor Audrey has been in the dark for months about what happened to her missing fortune.

But next week’s Coronation Street sees the truth finally emerge as the Platts head off on a family holiday together as part of the soap’s big week of storylines that will run alongside the Britain’s Got Talent live finals.

The Platts head off for their break, minus Leanne who refuses to go because she thinks that Nick is lying to her.

But, when they get there, the holiday spirit doesn’t last long when Natalie arrives…

David and Natalie in Coronation Street
Shona isn’t happy to see David with Natalie (Credit: ITV)

Natalie is there to deliver some worrying news for David and Nick – but it’s not just the brothers who aren’t happy to see her.

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Shona is also fuming to see her fiancé in close conversation with Natalie and tells David that their engagement is off.

David and Natalie in Coronation Street
Shona calls off her engagement to David thanks to Natalie (Credit: ITV)

But as David fights to save his relationship, Gail has realised that she recognises Natalie’s tattoo and starts to do some digging.

Recognising the tattoo from the CCTV footage of the woman stealing Audrey’s money, Gail announces to Nick that she has worked out who took the cash and has called the police.

Nick is horrified that his mum is getting closer to the truth and sets off to find David, knowing that they need to do some damage control, and fast.

David and Audrey in Coronation Street
David finally tells his gran the truth (Credit: ITV)

But with his romance with Shona in tatters because of his lies, David realises he needs to come clean to his gran if he has any hope of getting his fiancée back on side.

After finding Audrey at the lake, David bites the bullet and confesses everything – that Nick stole her money and that he helped him spend it.

But how will Audrey react when she discovers her grandsons’ horrific betrayal?

David, Audrey and Nick in Coronation Street
Will Audrey go to the police and report her grandsons? (Credit: ITV)

As Audrey struggles to take in the news, David and Nick try to explain what happened and hope that she will see it in her heart to forgive them.

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But is this too much for Audrey to turn a blind eye to? Will she call the police on her own grandsons?

David and Nick in Coronation Street
Nick has a shocking deal for David… (Credit: ITV)

As the Platts return to the cobbles at the end of the week, they have got some serious explaining to do. But as Nick lies to Leanne that he stole the money because David made him, will she believe him?

Later Nick offers David a seriously dodgy deal – if he takes the rap for the missing 80k, then he will sign over his half of the barbers to him.

Will David agree?

From Monday 27th May – Friday 31st Coronation Street will air at 9pm, between the Britain’s Got Talent live finals at 7.30pm and the results show at 9.30pm.

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