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Monday 25th May 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: Carla visited by ghosts of Aidan, Hayley and Rana

Can Peter save the woman he loves?

Next week is huge for Coronation Street's Carla Connor as she suffers a severe psychotic breakdown in a stand alone episode, with elements shown entirely from her point of view.

The soap will be airing special drama-packed episodes at 9pm every weekday evening from Monday 27th May to run alongside the Britain's Got Talent live finals, and Carla's storyline is set to come to a dramatic conclusion on Friday 31st May.

Carla is still in a bad way and suffering from severe paranoia next week (Credit: ITV)

Soap fans have watched in horror as Carla has been to hell and back over recent weeks after suffering a breakdown following the Underworld factory roof collapse that killed Rana Habeeb on her wedding day.

Carla's friends and family were terrified for her safety as she went missing recently, having run away after becoming convinced that Rana was still alive thanks to her paranoia.

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But despite Carla being back in Coronation Street, that doesnt mean she is getting any better.

Next week sees Carla's mental health practitioner come and visit her, and he is left worried that she is still suffering from paranoia.

Carla is convinced that everyone is out to get her (Credit: ITV)

As he talks to Peter about her condition, she listens to the pair in a state of high anxiety, convinced that everyone is out to get her.

But Peter isn't the only one worried about Carla.

Michelle is horrified by the state of her best friend when she comes to see her next week, and as Peter breaks down over the mess Carla's life has become, Michelle can do nothing but offer him a shoulder to cry on.

Carla's pushed further over the edge when DS Beckett comes to visit and questions her about the roof collapse.

Carla escapes the flat and is clearly in a bad way having not taken her medication (Credit: ITV)

It is clear that the mention of the factory triggers something for Carla and everyone is left worried when she becomes convinced that Rana is still alive.

But as Peter gives Carla her medication, she secretly flushes it down the loo, revealing to viewers the reason she is in such a bad way.

By the end of the week Kate has cornered Peter and told him that it is clear that Carla's medication isn't working, with everyone oblivious to the fact she hasn't actually been taking it.

As Peter finds Carla in a confused state, having flooded the bathroom, it dawns on Peter that he has bitten off far more than he can chew.

Carla thinks that she has seen Hayley, but is it a hallucination (Credit: ITV)

Ken is concerned when he sees his exhausted son and Peter knows that despite doing his best to help the woman that he loves, it is clearly not enough.

By Friday Carla's in a terrible way and as she suffers a severe psychotic episode, she starts to see those closest to her who have died.

Convinced that everyone is out to get her, Carla manages to escape the flat and make a run for it. Peter is horrified when he realises that she is missing again, and sets out to search for her.

As Carla wanders outside she spots a woman in a red coat, and becomes convinced that it is Hayley Cropper.

Carla follows the woman in thew red coat, unaware she is a figment of her imagination (Credit: ITV)

Determined to catch up with the woman she believes to be Roy's late wife, Carla sees her going up the Victoria Street fires escape and follows her.

Meanwhile, Peter, Roy, Johnny, Michelle and Kate frantically search for Carla and call the emergency services for help.

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But as they spot Carla scaling the fire escape it becomes clear they need to intervene and Peter tries to rescue Carla before she hurts herself.

Everyone's beside themselves as Peter goes up the fire escape to rescue Carla (Credit: ITV)

As Carla stops, she starts hallucinating and talks to Hayley, Rana and then finally Aidan, who tragically took his own life last year.

As Peter listens, he is heartbroken to hear the woman he loves talking to her nearest and dearest who are no longer around.

Will he be able to rescue her?

From Monday 27th May - Friday 31st Coronation Street will air at 9pm, between the Britain's Got Talent live finals at 7.30pm and the results show at 9.30pm.

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