Coronation Street fans furious as Peter Barlow betrays Carla Connor

Coronation Street SPOILER: Carla flees Weatherfield

She's public enemy number one...

At Coronation Street residents mourn the loss of a loved one following the factory roof collapse, Carla can’t take the pressure and decides to flee Weatherfield.

But has she just made herself look more guilty than ever?

With tributes being laid outside Underworld, it soon becomes clear that someone is responsible for the fact the factory roof collapsed and it wasn’t just a tragic accident.

Coronation Street suspects
Who has got blood on their hands? (Credit: ITV)

But with Carla, Nick and Gary all conscious of the fact they could each be facing a manslaughter charge following the tragic death during the disaster, the pressure is starting to take its toll.

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Carla is struggling to cope with the fact that she knew the factory roof wasn’t safe, but as the weight of her secret starts to become too much, she decides there is only one thing for it… to get out of Weatherfield for a while.

Coronation Street Carla
Carla has been in shock since the factory roof collapse (Credit: ITV)

But while it might make the factory boss feel better to be away from the drama, her skipping town doesn’t do much to make anyone believe she is innocent… and if anything it just makes her look more guilty than ever.

As the family of the victim start to plan a funeral, they’re looking for someone to blame. And with Carla out of town, she soon becomes the prime suspect.

Coronation Street factory roof collapse
The tragedy took someone’s life (Credit: ITV)

As the tragedy is investigated, it soon becomes public knowledge that there was an underlying fault with the factory roof… and soon the victim’s family are convinced that Ms Connor is the one with blood on her hands.

Always one to have her best friend’s back, Michelle stands up for Carla in her absence as everyone starts to point the finger of blame at the factory boss.

Michelle tells everyone that Carla couldn’t have known about the dodgy factory roof because she wouldn’t have put lives at risk… little does she know that Carla knew exactly what was wrong with the building’s structure.

Coronation Street factory roof collapse Carla and Wayne
Carla is questioned by Wayne (Credit: ITV)

With Carla not around to stand up for herself, Weatherfield residents start to wonder if perhaps she orchestrated the disaster so that she could claim on the insurance.

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But with health and safety officer Wayne on the case to work out what happened, it is revealed later in the week that Sally and Gina climbing onto the roof of the factory had nothing to do with the building’s collapse – making Carla look more guilty than ever.

Coronation Street factory roof collapse Carla
Carla leaving town leaves people convinced she is guilty (Credit: ITV)

As she continues to stay away from the cobbles, everyone is becoming increasingly convinced that her absence is a sign of her guilt. But are they barking up the wrong tree?

And if Carla didn’t cause the tragedy, who did?

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