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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Coronation Street SPOILER: Bethany and Daniel share a forbidden kiss?

What about Sinead?

Next week's Coronation Street sees Daniel Osbourne and Bethany Platt share a forbidden 'moment' together, while an unsuspecting Sinead Tinker is at home planning a surprise wedding.

After spotting one of Nathan's evil sex gang friends in the Bistro recently, Bethany was shocked to be confronted by her difficult past and decided to write about what happened to her in the hope it might help other girls going through something similar.

Bethany was stunned when she was confronted by her grooming past recently (Credit: ITV)

After writing a piece for the Weatherfield Gazette, Bethany asks Daniel to have a read through before she sends it to the local paper and he's flattered that she trusts him to read it.

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Daniel is impressed after reading Bethany's grooming article and she's thrilled when he heaps praise on her.

But while things are going well between the friends, things are tense at home between Daniel and Sinead.

Daniel is thrilled when Bethany asks him to read her Gazette article (Credit: ITV)

The pressures of planning a wedding after the horrendous year they have suffered is starting to take its toll on the young parents and Sinead and Daniel are clashing over their upcoming nuptials.

Daniel reminds Sinead they're supposed to be making their marriage official in less than a week and she sheepishly admits she hasn't even sorted out any witnesses for the ceremony.

Unimpressed with Sinead's lack of enthusiasm for their big day, Daniel wonders if they'll ever make it down the aisle, convinced that his bride's heart isn't in it.

Daniel and Sinead are fighting over their upcoming wedding (Credit: ITV)

The pair end up having a huge row about the wedding, with Sinead determined to have a more low-key affair, leaving Daniel convinced that she is more interested in her beard oil business than officially marrying him.

Announcing that he thinks they should just call the whole thing off, Daniel storms out and heads off to find Bethany to vent his frustraition.

While Daniel and Sinead are fighting, Bethany is disappointed to discover the Gazette have failed to print her article because it didn't make the grade.

Will Daniel cheat on Sinead with Bethany? (Credit: ITV)

Riled up from his fight with Sinead, Daniel is fuming when he hears about what has happened with the paper and he tears strips off the editor, leaving Bethany mortified.

Daniel realises that he has upset Bethany and assures her he wasn't trying to undermine her, but just trying to stand up for her instead.

As Daniel explains he wants to help her, Bethany finds herself gazing into his eyes and the pair look like they're about to kiss... but will they actually go through with it?

Daniel and Sinead talk about their argument, leaving Bethany feeling awkward (Credit: ITV)

Needing someone to talk to about his romance with Sinead, Daniel vents to Bethany about their row over the wedding and with her heart thumping, Bethany tries to listen before heading back to work to keep herself busy.

Sinead soon arrives at the Bistro, oblivious to the 'moment' Daniel and Bethany have just shared, and she is full of apologies, admitting that she is scared to get married because last time they tied the knot she discovered she had cancer.

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Daniel understands where Sinead is coming from, and as the pair talk things through Daniel suggests they cancel the wedding if it is putting too much pressure on their relationship.

Sinead sees a look between Daniel and Bethany and wonders what is going on between them (Credit: ITV)

But as they chat, Sinead is thrown when she clocks a look between Daniel and Bethany, leaving her wondering what is going on between the pair.

After quizzing them both about what has happened Sinead's mind it put at rest when Bethany and Daniel both cover their connection by sheepishly admitting that they both feel awkward about discussing the details of Daniel and Sinead's relationship together.

Sinead is happy that nothing is going on... but is she right?

Daniel thinks they've cancelled their wedding, but Sinead has got a surprise up her sleeve (Credit: ITV)

But while Daniel focuses on getting his relationship back on track with Sinead, Sinead is confiding in Bethany that she hasn't cancelled the wedding after all and is planning to surprise Daniel the next day with a wedding.

Will Daniel be pleased, or does his heart now belong to someone else?

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