Liam Gallagher reveals he tried to fight Coronation Street star Simon Gregson

The feud began in Manchester

Liam Gallagher had a secret feud with Coronation Street star Simon Gregson for decades – the Oasis singer has revealed.

The frontman of the Manchester band revealed a run-in with the Steve McDonald actor.

It took place years ago but he’s not forgotten it.

Simon Gregson
Simon plays Steve in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

Talking the incident in Manchester near the former Corrie studios, Liam describes the altercation that started it all.

He told The Sun: “We performed Take Me at Granada TV Studios. After we did it, we thought we were amazing and we thought we’d go for a pint and the guy who is in Coronation Street, Steve McDonald, I was walking down the road with my jacket on and he’s come out and he’s staring at me and I’m staring at him and he’s giving me looks back and I’ve gone, ‘What you [expletive] looking at?’

“And he’s wound down his window and flipped the bird at me and then I’ve chased him down the road.

“And he wound his window up and drove off and I kept catching him at lights.

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“He was coming out of the Granada TV studios where they’d been doing Corrie and we had just been making our TV debut with Take Me and he [expletive] flipped me the bird. Can you believe that?”

However it does sound dramatic!

But it’s not just Steve McDonald that Liam’s had a run in with – last year Jim McDonald had a pop at him.

Jim McDonald joins in!

Actor Charlie Lawson, who plays Steve’s dad Jim in the soap tweeted his thoughts.

He wrote that Liam is an “average human being” and an “awful advert for Manchester”.

Credit: ITV
Jim actor Charlie isn’t a fan either (Credit: ITV)

Charlie’s thoughts came as BBC Two screened the Liam documentary As It Was in December.

He added on Twitter at the time: “Sorry folks, tried ‘me [expletive] best man’, but Liam Gallagher?

“No way man! Boring man!

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“Met him in the 90s. Average human being man!!”

But Charlie did say he was a fan of Liam’s brother Noel calling him a “smashing bloke”.

No word yet on what Liz McDonald thinks about Liam! But we’ll keep you informed!

Coronation Street currently airs Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 7.30pm on a reduced schedule due to the pandemic

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