Coronation Street star Shelley King says she has no plans to leave the soap as Yasmeen Nazir

Although the actress admits she doesn't know what the future holds

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Coronation Street actress Shelley King, who plays Yasmeen Nazir, has revealed she doesn’t want to leave the soap.

Yasmeen is currently at the centre of an abuse plot in which her husband, Geoff Metcalfe, is coercively controlling her.

Many fans have wondered if the storyline will lead to Yasmeen’s eventual death at Geoff’s hands.

Coronation Street Geoff Credit: ITV
Could Geoff’s behaviour lead to a Coronation Street exit for Yasmeen? (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

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There have also been fears Geoff is slowly poisoning Yasmeen, which could lead to her dying.

Other reports have suggested Yasmeen’s time on the cobbles will come to an end when she’s locked up for attempting to kill Geoff.

Shelley’s keen to stay as Yasmeen in Coronation Street

However, actress Shelley has now revealed she doesn’t want to go anywhere.

In an interview with The Mirror she said: “I enjoy being here.

“For my first few years here I was a bit worried because I felt underused, but now I’m actually working at something and stimulating my brain.

“I don’t know how long they will want me here, but I wouldn’t leave readily.”

Coronation Street fans' horror as Geoff turns violent with Yasmeen
Yasmeen might be trying to leave Geoff, but Shelley doesn’t want to leave Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

That will be good news for fans, who are desperate for Yasmeen to escape Geoff’s control and for him to be punished.

Many have said they’ve switched off over the scenes, which they find too distressing to watch, but Shelley has defended the plot.

I don’t know how long they will want me here, but I wouldn’t leave readily.

“Any drama worth its salt should challenge you, so I think it’s very brave to deal with a subject as dark and bleak as this, involving an older person,” she told the publication.

“It’s an important story to tell,” she added before insisting it needs to be “uncomfortable” to watch.

Coronation Street fans' horror as Geoff turns violent with Yasmeen
Fans have called scenes ‘uncomfortable’ to watch (Credit: ITV)

Yasmeen’s escape plan

The actress revealed she’s been approached on the street by victims of abuse. One woman even left her relationship as a result of watching Coronation Street.

Last night (Wednesday, April 8) it looked like Yasmeen was planning to do the same thing.

Having discovered emails from an escort on Geoff’s computer, and found out he was lying about booking a hotel in Spain, not to mention his threatening behaviour towards Alya, Yasmeen had finally had enough.

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Yasmeen finds out about Geoff's past tonight!
Yasmeen meet with two police officers (Credit: ITV)

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She met with two police officers to find out about Geoff’s past under Clare’s Law, and discovered he had been accused of harassment before.

But when Geoff found her leaflets on controlling and abusive behaviour, he punished her by locking her in the house.

However, viewers soon saw Yasmeen had a suitcase locked away – does this mean she’s planning her escape at last?

She did try to leave earlier this week, but Geoff stopped her by making her believe he was going to take his own life.

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