Coronation Street ‘saved’ by ‘amazing’ Roy Cropper and his coat

Actor David Neilson's scenes were sublime

Coronation Street fans have hailed Roy Cropper a hero after he talked Abi Franklin out of shooting Corey Brent last night.

In scenes aired on Wednesday (October 20) Roy persuaded Abi not to kill Corey then rescued them both from the hole in the ground with just his pure strength and his anorak.

What a legend.

Did Roy save Abi and Corey on Coronation Street last night?

Abi and Corey were trapped in the sewers (Credit: ITV)

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After Roy pulled Corey out of the hole with his coat, Corey then left the scene, shouting he was going to have Abi done for attempted murder. But Roy was more concerned with getting Abi out of the hole.

She refused to get up, crying that she was “no use to anyone” and he should leave her to die. Roy told her Kevin had been in an accident and he and Jack needed her, but Abi accused him of lying.

“When have I ever lied, Abi?”

As Abi lamented Kev was better off without her, Roy snapped.

“Who’s going to look after Jack – don’t be so selfish.”

He then launched into a speech that finally coaxed Abi into fighting for her life.

“Since you seem determined to drown – not in the water, but in your own self-pity – perhaps there’s nothing more I can do,” he said.

“You talk about getting justice for Seb. Well this is not it. I suspect justice for Seb would be you pulling yourself together and being a mother to that little boy…

“It would be supporting a man who has stood by you through thick and thin, it would be turning your grief into something positive and meaningful rather than ruining their lives through your untimely demise.”

Abi finally listened and Roy – and his coat – pulled her out.

What did fans say?

Viewers at home were full of praise for Roy. Some said they were in tears over his speech.

They called him the best thing in the episodes, especially as many felt the rest of it was ‘far-fetched’.

Roy Cropper and his coat

Roy – and his coat – are Coronation Street legends! (Credit: ITV)

Others felt the real star of the show was actually Roy’s coat!

How it managed to survive pulling two grown adults, one bigger than Roy, out of a massive hole in the ground we don’t know!

What happens next for Roy on Coronation Street?

Roy is struggling with his guilt (Credit: ITV)

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On Friday (October 22) the police have some questions for Roy. Will he tell the truth about what he saw and land Abi in trouble?

Next week, Roy is consumed with guilt. But what is he feeling guilty about? Has he condemned Abi to prison by confirming she tried to kill Corey?

Or has he lied to the police – something by his own admission, he would never ever do?

One thing’s for sure, we hope he’s all right because Roy must be protected at all costs!

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