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Coronation Street: Sarah Platt in danger over murder secret as Adam takes on Gary

Callum Logan's going to haunt Sarah

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Coronation Street factory manager Sarah Platt is in danger – from ex Gary Windass.

The manager’s husband Adam Barlow is obsessed with exposing evil loan shark Gary’s illegal activities and has found one of Gary’s victim’s families.

Coronation Street Alphas Gary and Adam are at loggerheads (Credit: ITV)

Viewers know he’s been getting closer to Rick Neelan’s daughter and ex in an effort to find out what happened to the loan shark.

Fans watched Gary murder Rick and bury him in the woods last year after he was attacked.

But only Gary knows that what he did – and why.

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Rick had planned to murder Gary’s then girlfriend Sarah so Gary felt he had no choice but to act and take his second life.

And now with Sarah’s husband Adam set to expose him, Gary will do whatever it takes to protect himself – even if it involves sending Sarah to prison.

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Long-time viewers will remember that Sarah was involved in Callum Logan’s murder and hiding his body under the Platt’s garage.

Corrie Sarah and Callum Credit: ITV/YouTube
Callum attacked Sarah and Kylie killed him (Credit: ITV)

Her involvement has never come out but she did once tell Gary everything that had happened.

And that gives Gary leverage over Adam – and Sarah.

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Corrie boss Iain Macleod was asked about Gary using the secret to stop Adam and Sarah.

How will Adam and Sarah stop Gary?

He said: “Interesting! I think the short answer is yes, in a way. That’s certainly part of what we’re writing in scripts.

“Gary is not the only person to have nefariously disposed of a body. That does become significant. I won’t say any more about it than that.”

He added: “I’m just reading scripts where their complicated feelings for each other are still causing them headaches and dilemmas.

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“There are complicated decisions that have to be made.

“Sarah has no idea of the lengths he went to, and I think that’s coloured some of Gary’s less-than-gallant behaviour towards her.

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“What Gary did to Rick is a massive secret and it’s going to be a large component of what plays out over the rest of the year.”

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