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Coronation Street’s Sally Dynevor reveals Geoff loses his temper with Sally as she starts to uncover the truth

Sally has started to become suspicious of Geoff's behaviour

Coronation Street actress Sally Dynevor has revealed Geoff Metcalfe loses his temper with his daughter-in-law Sally Metcalfe as she starts to learn the truth about his abusive behaviour.

For a year, Geoff has been abusing his girlfriend-turned-wife Yasmeen. His most recent attack saw him threaten to kill Yasmeen. However she ended up stabbing him in the neck in self defence. She is now in prison, facing attempted murder.

Geoff has been abusing Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

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Sally, who shares the same name as her Corrie alter ego, has revealed how the factor worker starts to see her father-in-law’s nasty side and begins to worry how it will affect her relationship with husband Tim.

Coronation Street: Sally starts to see Geoff’s true colours

As reported in Digital Spy, she said: “Sally realises quite early on that she is supposed to be on Geoff’s side. He’s her father-in-law and how is her relationship with her husband going to be if she starts accusing Tim’s father of being an abuser?

“So she starts worrying and doesn’t want to get involved at first. She says to Alya: ‘I don’t want to be involved, what is this going to do with my relationship with Tim?’

Tim stands by Geoff, meanwhile Sally’s suspicions are rising (Credit: ITV)

“But the more Alya drips things to Sally and the more Sally finds out, she starts thinking of the time she was imprisoned for something she didn’t do and wants to help her.”

The actress then explains there’s a scene where Geoff loses his temper with Sally.

Coronation Street Sally Geoff
Geoff eventually loses his temper with Sally (Credit: ITV)

She added: “Then there’s one scene where Geoff gets angry with Sally and she sees this spark in him and that’s it, she wants him out of the house.

“She starts to tell Tim how she is feeling about Geoff and asks him to leave – and she asks Tim to leave! Just because she is so all-consumed with what is going on.”

Next week’s Coronation Street

In next week’s episodes, Sally is disgusted to discover Geoff had been hiring escorts. Tim refuses to believe it but Geoff’s discomfort gives it away.

Tim and Sally find out Geoff was cheating on Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

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The Speed Daal worker admits he did meet with prostitutes. But he lies saying it was because Yasmeen wouldn’t sleep with him.

Then there’s one scene where Geoff gets angry with Sally.

His daughter-in-law is clearly sickened by the revelation but Tim stands by his dad.

Do you think Tim will eventually start to see his dad’s nasty side?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV. 

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