Coronation Street SPOILER: Paul to die in factory collapse?

Someone's going to die this week on Coronation Street

Coronation Street has revealed a shock victim in the Underworld collapse – Paul Foreman.

Tragedy hits the cobbles next week when someone dramatically dies in the factory roof collapse and a new spoiler clip has suggested Paul might not survive it.

Coronation Street SPOILER: Paul to die in factory collapse?
Paul looks in bad shape after the collapse (Credit: ITV)

In the clip in the aftermath of the dramatic collapse the camera moves through the factory and settles near Paul who appears to have been crushed.

Could he be the death teased by soap boss Iain Macleod?

The factory was meant to be empty with Carla shutting it for Kate and Rana’s wedding but after finding out Carla’s plans to make cuts at the factory, Underworld staff are worried for their jobs and decide to stage a protest.

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Breaking into the factory, the workers storm the building, with Sally and Gina even climbing up the scaffolding to the roof so that they can hang homemade banners.

But as the siblings fight after months of tension between them, their argument is stopped in its tracks when the factory roof suddenly collapses, taking Sally down with it.

There’s chaos inside the building with all the protesters now trapped inside the building, and with more roof yet to come down, it is a race against time to pull the survivors out of the wreckage.

The factory is totally destroyed in the disaster (Credit: ITV)

Before the emergency services can even arrive, Tim and Abi race into the building to start helping those trapped.

But just as they get inside, the second bit of roof caves in, raining down on those still inside the building.

As the news spreads that someone has met an untimely end in the disaster, Carla is devastated that she knew the roof needed fixing and she did nothing about it.

There are six official suspects for the disaster (Credit: ITV)

But is Carla the one with blood on her hands, or is this the work of someone else entirely?

Robert had made no secret of the fact he wants revenge on Carla after he feels she interfered in his relationship with Michelle, but he’s by no means the only one with a vendetta against the Underworld boss.

Peter also could be to blame after his recent conflict with Carla, and her business partner, Nick, has also revealed that he would be better off if the factory burned to the ground.

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Could he have caused the roof to collapse as part of an insurance scam?

But Gary was the one responsible for the roof repairs. Has his cost-cutting to make money caused someone to die?

Seb could also be responsible after all he wants to make Gary suffer, could he have framed his boos for negligence?

Or is someone else entirely to blame?

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