Coronation Street: Paul and Daniel will get together, fans predict

Paul recently split with Billy

Coronation Street fans predict Paul and Daniel will end up getting together.

A few weeks ago, Billy split up with Paul. After their relationship ended, Paul ended up quitting his job at the factory as Billy’s other ex Todd, who had got close to Billy again, was also working there.

Paul had no where else to live, so he ended up moving in with his sister Gemma, her fiancé Chesney, their fives kids and his mum Bernie.

Paul and Billy split up (Credit: ITV)

He was able to find work again with Ed Bailey and recently he was asked to fix a cupboard at Daniel Osbourne’s flat.

However he ended up putting the cupboard on wonky.

In last night’s episode (Wednesday, March 4) Paul went to see Daniel to apologise for making a mess of the cupboard.

Daniel offered Paul his spare room (Credit: ITV)

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When Paul explained how bad things were for him at the moment and Daniel offered him a coffee and a chat.

The two men got to talking and Daniel offered for Paul to move into his spare room.

But fans think that the two men could end up getting into a relationship.

Daniel’s past relationships

In 2019, Daniel was heartbroken when his wife Sinead died of cancer.

Shortly after Sinead’s death he began dating Bethany Platt and they even planned to move to London together.

But when Daniel proposed to Bethany drunk saying Sinead’s name, they both realised he wasn’t ready to be with someone else.

Daniel has had a difficult few years (Credit: ITV)

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Last year he grew closer to sex worker Nicky Wheatley. However she ended up having to leave Weatherfield.

But now Daniel and Paul will be living together, could there be a new relationship on the horizon?

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