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Coronation Street: Nina set for major blow as Abi turns on her after Seb’s death

Grief stricken Abi will last out at Nina

Coronation Street viewers will see Abi Franklin turn on Nina Lucas next week as she blames her for son Seb’s death.

The goth was recently attacked for being alternative by Corey Brent and his gang of thugs – an attack that saw Seb lose his life.

However, while there are only suspicions at the moment, next week the police reveal to Abi that it was the motive – and she’s enraged.

Nina Lucas becomes the target of Abi’s rage says Sally Carman (Credit: ITV)

What does Abi do to Nina in Coronation Street?

Viewers watched last night as Seb died from his injuries leaving Abi devastated.

Now actress Sally Carman has revealed how grief-stricken Abi will turn on Nina and blame her for Seb’s death.

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“She 100% blames Nina at one point,” actress Sally told ED! and other media.

“She has got all this anger, grief and heartbreak and she needs somewhere to channel it.”

She has got all this anger, grief and heartbreak and she needs somewhere to channel it.

Sally added: “She initially thinks if she finds out who has done it, that will help but it doesn’t.

“She wants to know why it happened but obviously there is no real answer to that.”

Coronation Street’s Abi turns on Kevin too

The actress added that Nina isn’t the only. one in the firing line.

“She is told it’s because of the way Nina looks as they were attacked as part of a crime due to what Nina was wearing.

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“Abi is impulsive and decides to blame Nina – she thinks if Nina didn’t dress that way then Seb would be alive.

“Nina really gets it in the neck. Abi really goes for her.”

And it won’t just be Nina who is on the receiving end of hurricane Abi.

Kevin, her partner, will take the brunt of her grief-fuelled rage – but they will get through it.

Abi demands answers from Nina (Credit: ITV)

Sally said: “Obviously, Abi is all over the place – furious one minute, crying the next – she is pinging off all the walls.

“And he is just there taking slap after slap and saying that he loves her and that he’s got her.

“It’s just gorgeous.”

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