Coronation Street fans demand to know where missing Ali Neeson is

The doctor is not in the house

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Coronation Street fans are close to filing a missing persons report for Ali Neeson.

The doctor hasn’t been seen in Weatherfield since November when he was in the midst of a mental health crisis after murdering drug dealer Ronan.

Ai was last seen on screen in November clashing with Ryan (Credit: ITV)

Actor James Burrows revealed he was taking a break from the show last year, but that was only thought to have lasted around six weeks.

He has been off-screen since November and fans are beginning to get concerned.

His exit wasn’t addressed on screen and now fans are demanding to know where the good doctor is.

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“Where the heck is Ali?” tweeted one.

“Did he step out for the proverbial carton of milk never to be seen again? Did he join Richie Cunningham’s brother from Happy Days?

“Did an alien abduction happen on the cobbles? Call missing persons! #coronationstreet #corrie”

Coronation Street fans shocked after Ali Neeson MURDERS Ronan Truman
The doctor has been suffering from guilt since murdering Ronan to save his family (Credit: ITV)

Another asked: “So we are meant to believe that he hasn’t left the house for months but in a few weeks he will be in the pub and cafe every five minutes.”

A third wrote on DS Forums: “He’s not been in it since some point in November and isn’t mentioned in next week’s spoilers either.

“The actor had a break scheduled which was why the character wasn’t on-screen but they’ve handled the break so poorly on-screen.

Ali was struggling the last time we saw him (Credit: ITV)

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“They for some reason paused it at the point Ryan found out and threatened to dob Ali in and there’s not been a peep about Ali since.

“They could at least have done a throwaway line or two that he was ‘staying with some mates for a while while he gets over his guilt/trauma’.”

They added: “Will be great to him back on-screen when he’s eventually back as the actor is superb.

“Wonder how much we’ll see of Ali in the first part of this year though – the actor is in a film coming out shortly alongside Nick Frost and Stephen Merchant so presumably won’t be filming much around release time.”

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