Corrie’s Michelle dumps Robert after discovering she isn’t pregnant

Michelle tries to be cruel to be kind but it backfires

Robert Preston is going to be left devastated on Coronation Street next week when Michelle Connor dumps him.

Next week Michelle will suffer a scare when she is hit in the stomach by a football while thinking she’s pregnant.

Michelle breaks down as she ends her relationship with Robert (Credit: ITV)

But when she gets to the hospital and they run tests, the doctors confirm to her there was never a baby to lose and Michelle breaks down in Carla Connor’s arms.

Actress Kym Marsh said: “Michelle is relieved that she is not pregnant because she has been dubious anyway and then the terror of maybe losing another baby makes her realise that she just can’t live with that even being a possibility.”

Her relief at not being pregnant gives Michelle a second chance and she decides she can’t live with the pain and worry of potentially losing another baby.

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But instead of explaining this to Robert, and knowing how much he wants a baby, Michelle decides to end their relationship.

Kym said: “She does want to be with Robert and they have been through a lot together.

“We have seen the pair of them fight about not having children and Michelle coming round to the idea because she does really love Robert and she wants him to be happy.

Robert decides Carla is to blame and vows revenge (Credit: ITV)

“She wants to be with him, but when she makes the decision that she doesn’t want to have kids, in her head, she is thinking that this is the end of the road for them.”

She added: “They are at such different places in their lives that she doesn’t want him to resent her.

“It’s either he backs down or they break up and she would rather they break up than take away his opportunity of having children of his own.”

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Sadly the break-up sends Robert spiralling and after spotting Michelle and Carla chatting, he decides Carla is to blame for Michelle dumping him.

Kym said: “Straight away Robert believes that Carla is at the crux of all of this and that it must be her masterplan.

“He starts to believe that Carla is the reason why Michelle has decided what she has.”

After that he vows revenge on Carla, but how far will he go and could Robert be responsible for the factory collapse?

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