Coronation Street’s Liz McDonald dead after Christmas horror?!

Is it the end of a legend?

Coronation Street’s Liz McDonald has been left for dead on Christmas Day.

Barmaid Liz was mown down by a drunk Jenny Connor in dramatic scenes in tonight’s festive episode.

Coronation Street's Liz McDonald dead after Christmas horror!
Liz collapsed after being hit by Jenny’s car tonight (Credit: ITV)

Fans are convinced Corrie has killed off one of its biggest stars in the shock moment.

One said: “Jenny’s killed Liz! #Corrie”

Another tweeted: “Is Liz dead?! #Corrie.”

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Jenny was left devastated after her secret plot against Liz was uncovered by her husband Johnny.

Viewers had seen Jenny install a secret tracking app on Liz’s phone and monitor where she had been.

Coronation Street's Liz McDonald dead after Christmas horror!
Jenny saw Liz on the road but carried on (Credit: ITV)

She even set Liz up as an escort and arranged for men to visit her at her flat.

And when she stole Liz’s phone to get Mike’s phone number and text him telling him Liz missed him, it all finally came out.

Mike turned up at the Rovers and spilled the beans. A furious Liz confronted Jenny over their Christmas dinner and told Johnny to control her.

Coronation Street's Liz McDonald dead after Christmas horror!
Jenny was too drunk to drive and didn’t stop (Credit: ITV)

But in a huge row it all came out about Jenny, but Gemma’s suspicions about Johnny came out too and he was publicly accused of beating Jenny.

A public row ensued with Rita threatening Johnny, Jenny played dumb to let them think what they wanted and Johnny protested his innocence.

Hitting the bottle, Jenny admitted to everything before storming out vowing to see him in the divorce courts.

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She went straight outside and sat in her car sobbing as Johnny secretly went to see Liz to sack her from the Rovers to save his marriage.

A sozzled Jenny spotted him leaving Liz’s flat and downed more wine before preparing to flee Weatherfield.

But as she drove off she hit Liz before convincing herself she had imagined it when Liz’s body disappeared.

Liz walked back into her flat to change her clothes before collapsing alone on the floor with no-one to save her.

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