Coronation Street lines up new target for killer Gary Windass

Who dares to cross him?

Gary Windass will have a new focus very soon, as Coronation Street has lined up a new target for the cold-hearted cobbles villain.

In the coming weeks, the double-murderer will be forced to show his nasty side – but will he go so far as to kill again?


Gary is a menace to society (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that builder-turned-loanshark Gary has already taken out two Corrie residents – Rana and Rick.

Gary was revealed to be the culprit who caused the death of Alya’s sister-in-law Rana Habeeb after he sabotaged the local factory roof – which subsequently collapsed and killed Rana as a result.

Clearly getting a taste for blood, Gary went on to murder villain Rick Neeson during a fight to the death.

Gary killed his nemesis Rick during a bloody battle (Credit: ITV)

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Now, Derek Milligan could be in serious danger as he plans to double-cross Gary – not realising what the man is capable of.

In scenes due to air on December 6, Derek calls by the furniture shop to ask Gary for £3,000, but Gary only hands over a fraction of that amount and orders Derek to leave.

Later, Derek goes behind Gary’s back and secretly meets up with Nick and Sarah, who agree to buy the factory from him.

Derek, beware! (Credit: ITV)

Derek is clearly hoping to make a profit before fleeing Weatherfield, but Gary’s suspicions are aroused when he bumps into Nick and Sarah at the Bistro…

While Gary is supposed to be enjoying a romantic lunch with his new girlfriend Maria – run away, now, Maria! – Gary becomes suspicious when he spots Nick and Sarah acting strangely.

Gary becomes intent on discovering what’s up and we all know that hell hath no fury like a Gary Windass scorned…

Derek, Nick and Sarah Corrie
Will Derek get away with trying to double cross Gary? (Credit: ITV)

Will Derek get away with scamming Gary out of the factory by selling it to Nick and Sarah?

Corrie viewers have watched Gary – played by Mikey North – get involved in some dodgy dealings in recent months.

The builder has been operating as a loan shark after murdering villain Rick, and then found a safe full of money in a storage unit belonging to his murder victim.

Gary has been rebuilding Underworld with the money, but has been keeping his funds a secret by using his stooge Derek as a cover…

Derek is planning to double cross Gary (Credit: ITV)

Gary has been claiming Derek is a rich businessman who has invested in the factory, even though he is actually one of Rick’s clients.

But, in September, Gary was furious to discover that Derek had been signing contracts and agreeing rent reductions in his absence.

Derek also tried things on with Gary’s ex-Izzy behind his back!

But will Derek manage to scam Gary or will he end up getting ‘Windassed’?

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