Coronation Street: Kevin Webster cheered on by fans as he brands Maria a ‘hypocrite’

Maria had an affair with her best friend's fiancé

Coronation Street fans cheered on Kevin Webster as he branded Maria Connor a hypocrite in last night’s episode (Tuesday, April 13).

Recently Tyrone and Fiz split up after Tyrone admitted he was in love with Alina Pop.

Fiz was left devastated and in last night’s scenes, Tyrone couldn’t stop thinking about Alina.

To try and cheer him up, Kevin took his mate out to the pub.

Tyrone admitted he couldn’t stop thinking about Alina (Credit: ITV)

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As the two men started discussing football, Fiz and Tyrone’s friend Maria came in and told her she had just been to see Fiz, who was looking after the kids whilst Tyrone was in the pub.

Tyrone told her he offered to help her but Fiz didn’t want him there.

Soon Maria began having a go at Tyrone for cheating on Fiz.

Coronation Street: Kevin delivered some home truths to Maria

Maria had a go at Tyrone for leaving Fiz (Credit: ITV)

But Kevin stepped in to defend his friend saying: “Oh, give it a rest Maria. He feels bad enough as it is.”

However, when Maria wouldn’t let it go, Kevin reminded the hairdresser that she has been involved in affairs in the past.

He said: “We’ve all made mistakes, you included.”

Whilst Maria insisted she’d never left her son, Kevin said: “No but you didn’t mind knocking off Aidan Connor did you, when he was engaged to your mate?”

Kevin quickly reminded Maria that she’s no saint (Credit: ITV)

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He continued: “Cos you were going at it like dirty little rabbits behind Eva’s back. Ruined the wedding. This lad’s a saint compared to you.”

When Tyrone asked Kev to leave it, he decided to deliver some more harsh home truths to Maria saying: “No I’ve not finished yet. I remember you cheating on Tyrone a good few times when you were together as well.

“So I suggest you keep your hypocritical comments to yourself.”

Speechless, Maria left the pub and fans cheered Kevin on.

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