Jake and Alison in Coronation Street

Jake and Alison in Coronation Street are Kevin’s late son and wife – how did they die?

Kevin was briefly married to Alison, Jake's mum

Alison and Jake were mentioned in Coronation Street last night as Kevin Webster tried to comfort partner Abi, who is grieving following the murder of her son, Seb.

Kevin spoke about the death of his own son, Jake, and his wife Alison, which came as a shock to many viewers as they’d never heard of the characters before.

Coronation Street Kevin
Coronation Street dad Kevin remembered he had a dead son (Credit: ITV)

Kevin said: “I know it’s not the same, but when Jake and Alison died I felt the same – hopeless. It does get better, I promise you.”

Some hardcore fans may remember back in 2000, after splitting from wife Sally, Kevin married again.

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Coronation Street resident Kevin Webster was married briefly to Alison and they had son Jake together (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

What happened to Jake and Alison in Coronation Street?

His new wife Alison fell pregnant but, two weeks after being born, their son – who they named Jake – died of Group B Streptococcal infection.

Out of her mind with grief, Alison (who was played by Naomi Radcliffe) took newborn Bethany Platt from the hospital.

Kevin found his wife and persuaded her to hand back the baby – but she then took her own life, running into the path of a lorry.

It was a traumatising time for Kevin, so it’s perhaps not surprising that he does’t talk about them very often.

Unfortunately, the mention yesterday (Friday, May 14) has shed light on the time Kevin – who is also dad to Rosie, Sophie and Jack – forgot he had lost a child.

Coronation Street Kevin with wife Alison
Kevin once forgot all about him and wife Alison’s son Jake (Credit ITV/Shuttestock)

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Or, rather, Coronation Street writers had a blackout moment!

In 2015, Kevin was discussing the funeral of daughter Sophie’s girlfriend Maddie Heath and remarked: “Must be hard burying one of your kids.”

Clang! While the Corrie team appeared to have forgotten, many fans of the soap hadn’t and they couldn’t wait to call out the blunder.

So much so, that the boss at the time actually issued a statement.

Coronation Street boss apologises for forgetting Jake and Alison

Producer Stuart Blackburn said: “I’d like to thank viewers who spotted our mistake. Our episodes go through many drafts and are scrutinised by many people but on this occasion we did make a mistake.”

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