Coronation Street: Is Elaine being kept in Oldham?

Elaine has been missing for months

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Coronation Street character Elaine went missing a few months ago after an encounter with Geoff. But is she being kept in Oldham?

Coronation Street: Who is Elaine? What happened to her?

A couple of months ago, a woman named Elaine went to visit Yasmeen in prison. It turned out that Elaine is Geoff’s first wife, who he claimed died.

Not only is she Geoff’s first wife, but she also revealed she is Tim’s biological mother.

It turned out Geoff also abused Elaine. However while he was married to her, he had been having an affair with her friend Tess.

Tim didn’t believe Elaine was his mum at first (Credit: ITV)

Geoff left Elaine for Tess and took baby Tim with him. He raised his son to believe Tess was his biological mother and threatened Elaine if she tried to contact them.

After Elaine made her presence known to Alya and Tim, she mysteriously disappeared after an encounter with Geoff.

Viewers later saw Geoff put Elaine’s phone down the drain. But is he responsible for her strange disappearance?

Is Elaine being kept in Oldham?

In tonight’s episode of Corrie (Wednesday, November 25) Ryan Connor made a strange discovery when making deliveries for Speed Daal.

Elaine disappeared after an encounter with Geoff. But is he involved in her mysterious disappearance? (Credit: ITV)

He found receipts in the business van from a shop in Oldham. He also found that Oldham is a frequent location in the van’s Satnav.

Alya started to wonder if it had something to do with Elaine’s disappearance. Is that the reason for Geoff’s visits to Oldham?

In Friday’s episode (Friday, Novemver 27) Alya clocks Geoff arriving home with an overnight bag. She soon calls at No.4 to share her suspicions with Sally and Tim.

Alya and Tim try to look for an address in Oldham. But are interrupted when Geoff arrives home (Credit: ITV)

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While Geoff is out, they head into No.6 to try and look for an address in Oldham, hoping for answers. But suddenly they’re interrupted.

Geoff returns home and orders Tim and Alya out.

Coronation Street spoilers: Elaine is found

In next week’s scenes it’s revealed that Elaine is found.

Tim gets a call from the police telling him they’ve found Elaine, but she’s been admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Tim asks Elaine to give evidence at Yasmeen’s trial. But will she agree? (Credit: ITV)

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As Yasmeen’s trial begins, Tim visits Elaine in the hospital and apologises for not believing she’s his mum.

But when Tim asks her to give evidence at Yasmeen’s trial, will Elaine agree?

While it’s not revealed if the hospital is in Oldham, Elaine tells Tim that she’s convinced that Geoff has been spying on her in the hospital.

The taxi driver implores to Elaine that she is Yasmeen’s only hope. Will Elaine come to Yasmeen’s rescue?

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