Coronation Street: How old is Faye Windass? Ray Crosby pressured her into bed!

Ray has threatened his former female colleagues before!

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Coronation Street viewers saw Ray Crosby pressure Faye Windass into sleeping with him in tonight’s episodes (Monday, November 30).

In the scenes, Ray invited Faye to a wine-tasting in his hotel room. But when she got there he told her he was preparing for a bath.

As she started trying the wine, he started to compliment her. However when she told him she had a boyfriend, he made her feel guilty.

Ray told Faye to join him the bath (Credit: ITV)

He then told her she could ‘continue to benefit from his opportunities’ if she joined him in the bath.

And fans know this isn’t the first time Ray has made moves on his female employees.

Coronation Street: Who is Ray Crosby?

Ray first appeared in Coronation Street last year when he offered Alya and Yasmeen the chance to cater some events at his hotels.

Alya teamed up with Michelle Connor, Ryan Connor and Robert Preston to do the catering for Ray. But eventually Ray offered Michelle to come work for him full time, leaving Alya furious.

Ray propositioned Michelle last year (Credit: ITV)

However he soon propositioned Michelle in his hotel room when wearing his dressing gown. When she rejected him, he got her to do menial tasks.

She tried to quit her job but she was stuck in a contract. Ray offered her a way out, if she signed a gagging order, which would prevent her speaking out about him and his inappropriate behaviour.

Later, Ray anonymously bought the Bistro and Michelle left Weatherfield. However he soon set his sights on Alya and took her on as the manager.

Ray also tried to make moves on Alya (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile Ray also began a relationship with Abi Franklin.

Bethany tried to warn Alya about Ray but she refused to listen. Eventually Alya did realise that Ray tried to get her alone in a hotel room and quit her job.

Bethany, Daniel, Alya and Abi exposed Ray

Bethany and her then boyfriend Daniel began to do some digging on Ray and, after breaking into Ray’s solicitor’s office, they found a list of women’s names and some were starred with an asterisk, including Michelle and a woman named Lisa Jamieson.

Only one of the women decided to come forward and it soon became clear Ray forced them all to sign a non-disclosure agreements.

Chief editor of the Weatherfield Gazette refused to publish anything on Ray due to his powerful connections.

But when  Abi heard of the accusations, she believed the women and, along with Alya, Bethany and Daniel, they plotted to expose Ray.

She invited a few of Ray’s former female employees to a Valentine’s event at the Bistro. As they weren’t allowed to speak, Abi exposed what Ray did to them.

However Ray was never reported to the police.

How old is Faye Windass? What’s next for her and Ray?

Faye Windass is 18 years old. She began working at the Bistro last year. But when Ray took over, he kept her on.

She recently began a relationship with childhood friend Craig Tinker. Meanwhile Ray offered her the role of trainee manager across his chain of hotels and restaurants.

Coronation Street Faye makes rape threat to Ray
Ray offered Faye the role of trainee manager (Credit: ITV)

Next week, Ray invites Faye into his office. But when Gary comes in with the signed factory contract for Ray, he hears Faye’s muffled cries coming from the office.

Gary orders Ray to open the door and Faye emerges in tears with her blouse torn. She soon flees and Gary goes after his sister.

Gary hears Faye’s muffled cries coming from Ray’s office (Credit: ITV)

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Back at the flat, Maria and Gary try to comfort Faye but she clams up and refuses to take any action against her boss.

Garry seethes. Will he go after revenge on Ray and kill him? He has form, after all!

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