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Coronation Street: Hope will become a serial killer, fans predict after she sets a fire to kill Alina

Hope isn't happy about Tyrone and Alina

Coronation Street fans are predicting that Hope Stape will become a serial killer after she set fire to the salon flat.

Over the last few weeks it’s become clear that Hope isn’t thrilled her stepdad Tyrone, who raised her, is having a baby with Alina Pop.

In Monday’s episode (August 2) Hope seemed to be coming around to the idea of having a baby brother and even offered for him to have her toy dinosaur.

Hope isn’t happy about having another sibling (Credit: ITV)

However she soon changed her mind when Tyrone began paying more attention to Alina.

Hope took Alina’s keys from the flat and went home with her mum Fiz.

Later at home, Hope told Fiz she wanted nothing to do with the baby and Fiz ordered her up to bed.

However Fiz and Evelyn didn’t noticed Hope sneak out of the house and get her dinosaur back. Hope then let herself into the salon flat, while Tyrone was out and Alina was asleep.

The salon flat was set on fire (Credit: ITV)

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Soon she snuck home, meanwhile Sally and Eileen realised the flat was on fire.

Later Alina was taken to hospital and Hope watched what was happening from her bedroom window.

However fans are convinced that Hope is set to become a serial killer.

Coronation Street: What’s next for Hope?

In tonight’s scenes Hope is quick to point out that Alina was alone in the flat so the fire must be her fault.

Outside the salon flat, a fire investigator tells Tyrone it seems the fire was started by an aromatherapy candle. Alina is horrified to think she caused the fire.

When Evelyn and Hope see Craig talking to the fire investigation officer, Hope questions whether the person who started the fire will get into trouble.

Hope asks Evelyn questions about the fire (Credit: ITV)

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Evelyn is suspicious and suggests to Fiz that Hope knows more about the fire than she’s letting on.

However Fiz jumps to her daughter’s defence.

At the salon flat, Alina is sad all the things they brought for the baby have been destroyed.

Having gone over the officer’s findings in her mind, Alina tells Tyrone that in order for the fire to have started by the cot, someone must have moved the candle.

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