Coronation Street hints at booze horror for Dr Ali Neeson

The doctor's life is about to hit a downward spiral

Coronation Street has hinted at a devastating development for Ali Neeson.

The soap has released filming pictures showing the doctor drinking a bottle of wine to himself in what could be a troubling hint for his future.

Coronation Street hints at booze horror for Dr Ali Neeson
Ali looks to be hitting the bottle in the new pictures (Credit: ITV)

It’s not the first time pictures have shown Ali looking stressed with alcohol on his mind.

But could this mean he is set to turn to booze to cope with what’s to come?

Spoiler fans know that the Connor family is going to be rocked by a shock death in the coming weeks.

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Newcomer Corman won’t be hanging around long after he suffers a shock fit in the flat while planting drugs on Ryan, which would be bad enough even if his dad wasn’t dangerous drug dealing gangster Ronan Truman.

Terrified and not knowing what to do Ryan calls Ali who rushes over and attempts CRP on Cormac.

But when he asks Ryan when they ambulance will be there, he’s stunned to realise Ryan didn’t call one.

Ali tried to save Cormac when Ryan forgot to call an ambulance (Credit: ITV)

Ryan tries to explain that he was panicking and didn’t know what to do.

An ambulance eventually arrives after Ali calls one, but it’s too late for Cormac who dies on the floor.

Ali’s left terrified at the consequences of Ryan’s actions and has been seen being questioned by police.

It’s been revealed that Ryan, Ali and Michelle will all be involved in a horror car crash later this year and it’s got something to do with Cormac.

Coronation Street hints at booze horror for Dr Ali Neeson
He’s previously been seen drinking whisky (Credit: ITV)

In dramatic episodes, set to be aired in October, actress Kym Marsh’s character Michelle finds her life in jeopardy during the soap’s action-packed stunt scenes.

According to the Metro, Michelle’s wayward son Ryan is involved and possibly even left for dead in the horror smash.

Could that drive Ali to the brink?

An insider told the website: “The dramatic crash is a huge point in a very big storyline for Michelle, Ryan and Ali and it’s an extremely serious situation which sees lives at risk.

“The team have been hard at work filming these scenes, but there are plenty of big secrets and twists which will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats this autumn.

“The crash is just one part of a very explosive set of storylines and the consequences will be massive for all involved.”

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