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Coronation Street: Georgia Taylor hints Toyah and Imran could split after he lies about drunken night

Will they break up?

Coronation Street star Georgia Taylor has hinted Toyah and Imran could split after he lies about his drunken night.

Over the last few months, Imran was working hard to try and prove his foster daughter Kelly was not the one who murdered Seb Franklin.

However after she was found guilty, Imran went out and ended up getting drunk. He told girlfriend Toyah he had slept in his office, but viewers know he went out with ex-wife Sabeen.

Imran has been working on Kelly’s case (Credit: ITV)

In next week’s scenes, Imran confesses to Toyah he had spent the night with his ex-wife but nothing happened.

Sabeen decides to back him up. She uses her help as leverage to try and draw him into helping her with Harvey Gaskell’s appeal.

However Imran isn’t being honest, as he didn’t actually spend the whole night at Sabeen’s house.

Where did he go after?

Coronation Street: Georgia Taylor speaks out Imran and Toyah’s relationship

Georgia Taylor spoke about Toyah and Imran’s relationship since Sabeen arrived. As reported in Digital Spy she said: “I think it’s fair to say that Toyah has been very wary ever since Sabeen has been on the scene.

“That’s not because she doesn’t trust Imran, I think she doesn’t trust Sabeen.

“But to add to that Imran’s behaviour over the last few weeks has been out of character, he’s been so obsessed with Kelly and the trial that at times he’s been quite short with Toyah and rather neglectful.

“I think we’ve started to see a fracture in their relationship, they’re definitely not in a great place.”

Will Toyah and Imran split?

Sabeen is Imran’s ex-wife (Credit: ITV)

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She also said: “I do think they’re a strong couple but obviously until they’re tested, who knows whether they’re strong enough to withstand the revelations that are about to come out.

“Charlie [De Melo, who plays Imran] and I love working together, we feel very safe and when we’re busy we’ll get together to run our lines because you don’t get that rehearsal time on set.

“We have a similar work ethic, he’s really caring  and he’s really good fun to be around so from a purely selfish point of view I really don’t want them to split up.

“We love working together but in a soap you can’t take anything for granted.”

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