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Wednesday 27th May 2020

When will Geoff be exposed in Coronation Street? Fans want him to get his comeuppance

Geoff has taken over Yasmeen's life

For months, Geoff Metcalfe has been abusing his wife Yasmeen Nazir in Coronation Street.

His vile behaviour has included taking control of her money, stopping her from seeing friends and family and keeping her to a strict cleaning schedule.

Fans are desperate to see the storyline come to an end.

So when will the most evil soap villain since Phelan finally get his comeuppance? Well, we have some bad news: it seems he's got a few more twisted games to play yet.

What happens with Yasmeen and Geoff next?

This week, Yasmeen sees Geoff's true colours after she catches him threatening her granddaughter Alya.

Later, she goes through his emails and finds messages from the escort agency he's been using.

After he admits to lying about booking a hotel in Spain for Zeedan's nuptials, Yasmeen tells him she's going to her grandson's wedding.

Yasmeen starts to see Geoff's true nature (Credit: ITV)

But Geoff refuses to let her go. And next week, things escalate even further...

Yasmeen picks up her suitcase and goes to see Alya.

She will be arrested and charged for the attempted murder of Geoff.

She tells her granddaughter she was right all along about Geoff and that she will be going to Zeedan's wedding.

However, she's horrified when she sees messages from Geoff suggesting he's going to take his own life.

Geoff suggests to Yasmeen he's going to take his own life (Credit: ITV)

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Feeling guilty, Yasmeen insists she must go check on her husband and Alya offers to go with her.

Back at No.6, Yasmeen finds a smashed photo frame along with drops of blood. However there is no sign of Geoff.

Where has he gone?

Has he really taken his own life, or is he plotting to frame Yasmeen for murder?

Yasmeen finally goes to the police

Yasmeen speaks to the police (Credit: ITV)

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But Yasmeen decides to contact the police and asks how she should go about accessing information under Claire's law.

She meets the police at the community centre where they tell her about Geoff's criminal past.

But that's reportedly STILL not the end of things as there are rumours...

Geoff frames Yasmeen for murder?

According to The Sun Online, Yasmeen will eventually be arrested and charged with attempting to kill Geoff.

A source told the publication: "Yasmeen will finally realise what Geoff has been doing to her but her escape spirals out of control.

Will Yasmeen be framed for attempted murder? (Credit: ITV)

"There's an explosive incident and Yasmeen has no choice but to do what she does.

"She will be arrested and charged for the attempted murder of Geoff."

Coronation Street’s scheduling pattern has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic and now airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm.

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