Coronation Street Geoff Credit: ITV

Coronation Street’s Geoff Metcalfe to go to jail as his plan backfires?

The camera he set up could be used against him

It looks like Coronation Street’s Geoff Metcalfe could be facing prison time if he is caught using cameras to spy on his wife Yasmeen Nazir.

For months, Geoff has been abusing Yasmeen.

One of his controlling acts has included setting up a hidden camera in Yasmeen’s house in order to spy on her when he’s not there.

However, if he’s caught out – which he surely will be eventually – it could be the final nail in his coffin, and give Yasmeen the evidence she needs to break free of him.

Geoff has been spying on Yasmeen using a hidden camera he set up in her living room (Credit: ITV)

Sarah Jane Lenihan, a partner at Stowe Family Law LLP, spoke to about the use of technology in an abusive situation.

She explained: “The installation of secret cameras is unfortunately not unusual in an abusive relationship. Perpetrators often use this to keep ‘track’ of their partner and spy on them without their knowledge.

“It is actually a criminal offence to set up a hidden camera in any property where the individual would expect to have privacy. The perpetrator may therefore find themselves being investigated for this offence too.

“I have however found in cases I have dealt with that these secret cameras can be used as evidence of controlling and or coercive behaviour and the footage obtained from them can actually be helpful to support the victim’s case.”

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Geoff has also taken control of Yasmeen’s money (Credit: ITV)

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Sarah also mentioned that examples of ‘tech abuse’ include regular contact to check their whereabouts, obtaining access to online banking, and using social media to embarrass their victims. All of which are things Geoff has been doing to Yasmeen.

Not only has Geoff taken control of Yasmeen’s money, he constantly calls to check up on where she is and a few weeks ago, he filmed Yasmeen whilst throwing insults and abuse at her and threatened to post it online.

Geoff recorded Yasmeen whilst he hurled abuse at her (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Recently he took things further and killed Yasmeen’s beloved chicken Charlotte Bronte, which sparked over 350 complaints to Ofcom.

However Yasmeen’s grandaughter Alya has started to become suspicious of Geoff’s behaviour. Will she figure out what’s been going on?

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