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Coronation Street: Phill is played by EastEnders and The Bill actor Jamie Kenna

Is Fiz going to get her heart broken by her new man?

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In Coronation Street tonight jealous Tyrone thinks that he has rumbled Fiz’s new man Phill.

Phill drops his car off at the garage for some work and Tyrone searches the car, hoping to find something to discredit him.

And Ty thinks he has hit the jackpot when he discovers a napkin with a woman’s name and number scrawled on it…

Here’s all you need to know about Phill and the actor that plays him.

When did Phill first appear in Corrie?

Phill first appeared back in July when he came into the furniture shop and suggested to Fiz that they go for a drink.

Phill is played by Jamie Kenna (Credit: ITV)

Phill is played by actor Jamie Kenna.

Jamie has had roles in The Bill, EastEnders, Doctors, Silent Witness and Mount Pleasant.

He also played Big Marc in the 2005 film Green Street, which starred Elijah Wood.

How did Fiz get to know Phill?

Over the summer Fiz met up again with journalist Chris for lunch in the Bistro who tried to talk her into doing a follow-up article on her heartbreak of Tyrone.

Fiz and Chris met up again to discuss a follow up article (Credit: ITV)

Later Kevin advised Tyrone to ditch the idea of writing his own article about why he left Fiz as nobody wanted to hear him badmouth Fiz.

However in the cafe, Fix confronted Tyrone over his proposed article.

Later Fiz met up with Phill, who she had met in the furniture shop, in Speed Daal. Instantly Fiz and Phill hit it off and enjoyed their date.

Tyrone called into Speed Daal for a takeaway and was put out to see Fiz enjoying her date with Phill.

Fiz goes out with Phill (Credit: ITV)

When Fiz asked Tyrone if he’d have the girls while she went on a second date with Phill, he refused.

He told her that he was taking Alina out for dinner.

Knowing Fiz and Phill were going to the Bistro, Tyrone took Alina there for dinner.

However as they sat down, Tyrone watched Fiz like a hawk. As the evening went on he couldn’t keep his eyes of Fiz and Alina got annoyed.

Suffering from a headache, Alina went home and left Tyrone at the Bistro to pay the bill.

Tyrone ruined things for Fiz

Tyrone couldn’t resist making snide remarks at Fiz and Phill’s expense. However his bravado turned to embarrassment when his card is declined.

Phil tries to make peace with Tyrone, but Tyrone takes a swing at him (Credit: ITV)

In an attempt to make peace with Tyrone, Phill paid his bill.

But Tyrone is humiliated and takes a drunken swing at Phill causing him to trip.

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