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Coronation Street: Fiz Stape’s new man Phill is dangerous, worried fans warn

Fiz hasn't had the best run of luck with men

Coronation Street fans are convinced Fiz Stape’s new man Phill is a secret villain.

In last night’s episode Fiz ended up clashing with ex Tyrone over Phill – and he appeared to be too good to be true.

coronation street fiz stape
Is Fiz Stape’s new man Phill going to break her heart? (Credit: ITV)

“Don’t you think things are going pretty fast with him?” sniped Tyrone as he arrived to babysit the girls.

Fiz raged: “You don’t get to tell me how fast or slow I should be taking it with a bloke. Especially not in front of Hope.”

Tyrone insisted he didn’t trust Phill, but Fiz pointed out it didn’t matter because she did.

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She said: “I knew you for years except I didn’t, really, did I? Just leave me to my business please.”

But Tyrone couldn’t resist trying to have the last word by asking her if Phil had told her about Brigitte.

She looked shellshocked – but headed out instead, knocking Tyrone back.

She hit back: “You know why you don’t trust Phill, don’t you? It’s because you think all blokes are like you.

“Well I’m sorry to disappoint you Ty but Phill is nothing like you. He’s honest and he really likes me.

“He thinks I’m funny, and interesting and sexy. And I haven’t felt like that for a really long time.”

Still determined to hurt Fiz, Tyrone demanded Phill tell him who Brigitte is – and he was left with egg on his face.

Phill explained how she was a private chef he hired for their surprise date and Fiz was overjoyed.

Is Phill a secret villain in Corrie? (Credit: ITV)

Corrie fans suspicious over Fiz Stape’s new man Phill

However viewers are predicting that Phill isn’t as wholesome and good as he looks.

In fact they think he’ll be a villain.

One said: “The way nobody is allowed to be happy in #corrie. I doubt it. Phill is probably a mass murderer #corrie.

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A second said: “Phill ain’t gonna be as innocent as they are making him out to be #corrie”

A third said: “#Corrie From the sounds of Phill’s log book, it seems he might turn out to be a bit of a control freak.

“I’m not sure Fiz is very organised so if the Phill theory works out, then it could be fireworks.”

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