Coronation Street's Yasmeen and Geoff

Coronation Street FIRST LOOK: Next week’s spoilers in 10 pictures

Yasmeen finally fights back after a shocking diagnosis

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Coronation Street next week sees Yasmeen finally fight back against abusive Geoff. But will standing up for herself have even worse consequences?

Plus, Gary issues a warning, Billy takes in another stray, and Daniel returns.

Here are the biggest spoilers from next week’s Coronation Street.

1. Yasmeen gets a shocking diagnosis

An unwell Yasmeen heads to the medical centre to see Dr Gaddas and she is shocked by the diagnosis she receives…

Yasmeen has tested positive for chlamydia.

Geoff accuses Yasmeen of being unfaithful, but she brings up the escorts. He hits back that she must have got chlamydia from Shariff.

He later discovers her hiding clothes away for her planned escape when he’s spying on her through the hidden camera.

What will he do to Yasmeen next?

2. Yasmeen finds out more shocking truths

Coronation Street Geoff Yasmeen

Sally invites Geoff and Yasmeen to the reopening of the Bistro.

Geoff doesn’t like Yasmeen’s outfit and forces her to wear an overtly sexual dress, making Yasmeen self-conscious.

Yasmeen is then left furious when she finds out Geoff has agreed to pay for Sally and Tim’s wedding.

Geoff isn’t interested in her complaints and twists things again.

3. Yasmeen fights back

Back at home, he continues to torture her and a struggle ensues.

Geoff lashes out saying that he bought the sexy garment for one of his many escorts.

Geoff continues to lay into Yasmeen as she lies curled on the floor.

Yasmeen is clearly terrified.

But as Geoff’s temper grows, Yasmeen has had enough and she finally fights back…

Coronation Street's Geoff attacked by Yasmeen

Yasmeen grabs a bottle of wine from the side before lashing out and hitting him over the head with it.

Geoff clutches his head in pain.

Yasmeen is shocked by her own actions, but as Geoff slumps to the floor, will he be okay?

And what does this mean for Yasmeen?

3. Gary demands answers

Kelly’s mum, Claire, visits Gary at the furniture shop and he tells her he’s spoken to Rick and he knows Kelly’s school fees were being paid…

Gary warns Claire that Rick will kill her if he finds out she’s been pocketing his cash.

Claire makes a sharp exit, but Maria spots her. Will Gary be forced to confess who she was?

4. Kelly’s sticking around

Summer takes pity on Kelly and tells Billy about her new friend’s plight, revealing Kelly’s mum has abandoned her.

Always keen to help the needy, Billy agrees Kelly can stay with them.

But how will Gary react to find she’s sticking around?

5. Daniel returns

Daniel and Bertie return to Weatherfield after the grief retreat.

Ken is pleased to hear Daniel found it a great help.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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