Coronation Street FIRST LOOK: Next week’s spoilers in 10 pictures

Yasmeen faces court

Coronation Street next week sees Oliver’s condition take a frightening turn as Steve and Leanne are desperate for answers.

Meanwhile, Yasmeen faces her bail hearing, and David gets himself in trouble.

1. Oliver’s condition gets worse

Leanne and Steve look around a new nursery for Oliver and feel pretty happy about the future for their son.

But when they return home, Leanne checks on him and lets out a horrified scream as he’s suffering another seizure.

As Leanne and Steve explain the lad’s symptoms to the doctor, will they get answers?

Oliver seems much better later in the week, but then he suffers another seizure.

An ambulance is called, but as Oliver continues fitting, he’s taken to hospital.

Leanne and Steve are left terrified as their son is taken to intensive care.

2. Yasmeen faces court

Yasmeen attends her bail hearing after stabbing Geoff.

Imran is representing Yasmeen and attempts to fight her corner in court.

But with Yasmeen having admitted everything, his job isn’t going to be easy, will Yasmeen get bail?

Tim is also in court wanting answers over what happened to his dad.

But is Sally having doubts about what really went on between Geoff and Yasmeen?

Toyah, Ryan and Alya support Yasmeen in court and after the hearing Alya vows to unmask Geoff’s true colours.

She calls at the Rovers and tells Sean that Yasmeen was the victim of domestic abuse.

3. David in danger

Gail tells David she expects him at her birthday tea, but David finds somewhere more important to be.

He overhears Craig and Bernie discussing the gang wars on the Hylda Baker estate and forms a plan…

As he heads to the rough estate, he spots some drug dealers and David leaps on the bonnet of their car, threatening them.

The lads give chase, but will David be caught – has he put himself in terrible danger?

4. Can Craig help David?

With David’s behaviour spiralling out of control, it’s clear he needs help.

The next day, Craig suggests to David they go for a run together, but David isn’t keen and tries to get out of it.

He’s forced to agree – will exercise clear his head and stop him doing all the stupid things he’s been up to?

5. The Baileys are hit with racist comments

New Bistro manager Don isn’t happy with Ed’s work, so Michael helps his dad with the fixes, but is stunned when Don makes a racist remark.

He’s even more shocked when Ed just lets it go.

6. James is hit by homophobia

Meanwhile, James is chatting to Tim about his last match when a County fan approaches and launches homophobic abuse at James.

As James lashes out in retaliation, Tim is forced to step in and hold James back.

But is this the last of the abuse coming the Baileys way?

Next week Coronation Street is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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