Leanne betrayed Simon

Coronation Street FIRST LOOK: Next week’s spoilers in 10 pictures

Simon is upset over Leanne's remarks

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Coronation Street confirms Oliver’s devastating diagnosis next week, and Leanne’s harsh words leave young Simon suffering.

As she tries to put things right, it reignites old feuds for Peter and Nick.

Meanwhile, the news forces Toyah to make a devastating decision.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

1. Steve and Leanne get devastating news

Steve and Leanne meet with Oliver’s consultant who reveals Oliver has an incurable form of mitochondrial disease.

Leanne is shocked and demands a second opinion.

Meanwhile, the rest of the family reel from the awful news.

2. Imran upset by Toyah’s decision

The social worker tells a thrilled Imran and Toyah they have a good chance of being accepted as foster parents.

They excitedly plan for the panel hearing.

However, when news reaches Toyah of Oliver’s diagnosis, it throws their plans into chaos.

Toyah breaks it to Imran they will have to put their dreams on hold.

3. Leanne turns to Toyah

Imran urges Toyah to test the water with Leanne, so she pays her sister a visit to find out how she is coping.

Toyah is devastated to see Leanne so utterly distraught.

She realises there is no way she can approach the subject of fostering.

Coronation Street Leanne

Toyah later explains to Imran that Leanne is in bits and they can’t foster right now.

Imran is secretly disappointed, but he supports Toyah and together they tell the social worker their plans are on hold.

4. Simon feels cast out

Leanne betrayed Simon

A distraught Leanne tells Steve Oliver is all she ever wanted and when he dies she’ll have nothing.

Simon overhears and is upset.

He goes to his exam, but he soon makes a huge decision that could affect his whole future.

5. Nick takes it out on Peter

Simon tells Peter what he heard Leanne saying. Although Leanne apologises, Simon decides to go and stay with his dad.

Leanne tells Nick she feels terrible.

Nick takes matters into his own hands and confronts Peter, accusing him of taking Simon off Leanne.

Peter defends himself and later Nick apologises.

Nick soon finds himself being comforted by his nemesis.

6. Alina comforts Emma

Emma frees her hand from the glass vase with Alina’s help.

But Alina can see Emma is upset and Emma confesses she’s devastated over the news about Oliver.

Alina phones Seb and cancels their drink.

She tells him she won’t sneak around behind Emma’s back and he mustn’t ask her out again.

7. Emma and Jenny help each other out

Jenny returns home and is upset by news of Oliver.

She remembers her own son, Tom, when alone with Emma.

Emma in turn admits her fears over Steve, and Jenny reassures her he just needs time.

8. Roy and Arthur bond

Evelyn and Arthur meet for coffee and cake in the cafe, but Evelyn isn’t happy when Roy and Arthur bond.

It turns out they both have a shared love of steam trains.

Roy suggests they meet later to discuss the Carlisle to Settle line in more detail.

Evelyn forces a smile, but it’s clear she’s not happy about it!

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