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Coronation Street fans terrified for Yasmeen Nazir after Zeedan brings a gangster in

The chef doesn't know the danger she is in

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Coronation Street fans have been left terrified for Yasmeen Nazir after her grandson Zeedan brought a gangster into their lives.

Chef Yasmeen has only just started getting back to herself after her horrifying ordeal at the hands of abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe.

Yasmeen Nazir has no idea she’s in terrible danger (Credit: ITV)

The recent return of her grandson Zeedan left her delighted.

Especially when he saved the family business with a cash injection of £50,000.

However last night it was revealed where Zeedan got the money from – he stole it from his father-in-law.

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Gangster Hashim turned up on the cobbles after hunting Yasmeen’s grandson down.

He demanded his cash back, as Zeedan claimed to be owed it.

“I stole nothing,” he tried telling his father-in-law.

“I took what was mine. When I signed the marriage certificate I wasn’t signing on for slave labour.

“You’re living in a fantasy if you think you could get away with not paying me for working in your restaurant 24/7.”

But Hashim had a different offer – and made it clear Yasmeen would be in danger if Zeedan didn’t make it work.

He said: “A restaurant like that holds no interest to me – not directly at least.

Hashmin and Zeedan
Hashim has got sinister plans for Zeedan and threatens Yasmeen to get it (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Yasmeen Nazir in danger from gangster

“I’m prepared to write off your debt but in return I would like to push some of my money through Speed Daal.

“You’re extremely resourceful – the fact you managed to steal my money for so long shows you know what you’re doing.”

But the chilling threats to Yasmeen’s life have fans terrified for her.

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One Coronation Street fan said: “Yasmeen’s going to lose everything and be devastated by Zeedan. #CORRIE.”

A second said: “It’s nice to see Yasmeen so happy again. Zeedan is going to break that happiness though #Corrie.”

A third said: “Another man to torture Yasmeen. Well done Zeedan, betraying your grandmother #Corrie”

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