Coronation Street fans puzzled over Imran’s weird coffee blunder

Seems he likes to take it with lots and lots of milk

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How do you like to take your coffee? According to eagle-eyed Corrie viewers watching last night’s episodes, one Weatherfield character likes it extremely milky.

Indeed, it seems as if he tends to take only a little bit of coffee with his milk…

And in the ultimate refreshment puzzler, all signs are that Imran Habeeb likes to dash in different types of milk with his caffeine hit.

Imran Corrie
Is this some new hipster coffee craze we don’t know about? (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Bewildered fans could not understand why the solicitor was pouring in masses of the white stuff to the drink he first picked up from Roy’s cafe.

Served by Shona Ramsey, Imran’s pick me up was clearly referred to as a white coffee.

Moments later, however, in the lead up to his answering a phone call meant for partner Adam Barlow, Imran was seen tipping in even more milk to the same cup.

Fair enough, Shona doesn’t make his coffee the way he likes it.

Hmmm, tastes… milky? (Credit: ITV)

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But the plot – and probably a large skin of curdling milk, thickens.

The carton Imran was pouring from while in his office seemed to be one for almond milk. Is he suffering from rickets, or are his teeth falling out?

Or could guilty Imran be punishing his tastebuds for his part in sending Sally Metcalfe down?

One fan noted: ‘Why did Imran add milk to his coffee when Shona said “White Coffee”?!’

Another tweeted: “#Corrie did imran just get a white coffee and then add almond milk into it.

Despite drinking so much milk, Imran wasn’t that drowsy he couldn’t tear a strip off Kate (Credit: ITV)

“White coffee, Imran. No need to add milk….even if it IS almond milk,” a third observed.

At least despite his bizarre drinks-based behaviour, last night’s shows weren’t a total write off for the hunky law man who is currently experiencing a bit of a knock to his confidence.

After two-timing the Battersby sisters a couple of months ago, a moment of touching honesty appears to have helped him mend fences and resume seeing Toyah.

That’s until she finds out his slightly odd approach to drinks.

Can we get you any more milk, Imran? Maybe some soy?

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