Coronation Street: Fans predict romance for Dev and Natasha

Fans noticed a spark between the two!

Coronation Street fans have predicted romance for Dev Alahan and Natasha Blakeman.

Recently Natasha returned to the cobbles and Nick discovered he is the father of her nine-year-old son, Sam.

Hearing about Nick’s stepson, Oliver, and his illness, Natasha and Sam have been determined to help the couple raise money for their court case.

Natasha has been trying to help raise money for Oliver (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episodes (Wednesday, October 21) Sam set up a stall in Victoria Gardens selling rockets for Oliver’s fund.

During the episodes, Natasha and Dev had a conversation talking about their age.

Fans predict romance for Dev and Natasha (Credit: ITV)

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When Dev mentioned he was in his 40s she was quick to say he didn’t look older than 38.

As the two conversed, fans seem to think there’s a spark between the pair and are predicting an upcoming romance.

Coronation Street: What’s next for Natasha and Nick?

Later this week, Natasha is apologetic to Nick and Leanne about how things went with Suki and the article in the gazette.

She tells Nick she would like to make a £20k donation to Oliver’s appeal.

Meanwhile Oliver’s dad, Steve, returns from Germany and breaks the new that Dr Schmitz is still adamant that Oliver isn’t a suitable candidate for treatment.

Natasha offers to donate £20k (Credit: ITV)

Leanne is devastated but when Natasha calls and tells her about the donation to liver’s fund. But Leanne turns on Nick and demands to know why he kept it quiet.

She’s outraged and suspects Nick refused Natasha’s money as he’s given up on Oliver. Leanne orders Nick to accept the offer as they need the money for Oliver’s legal fees.

Leanne is furious and tells Nick to accept the money. But will he? (Credit: ITV)

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Steve tells Leanne how sorry he is that he failed secure the help of German doctors. But Leanne assures him he did his best and not to beat himself up.

Nick confides in Gail that he fears Leanne is fighting a losing battle, but can’t tell it as she’ll see it as him giving up on Oliver.

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