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Coronation Street fans predict Michael isn’t Tianna’s father

Michael has big plans for Tianna and Grace

Coronation Street fans have predicted that Michael isn’t the father of little Tianna.

Last year, Michael got back in contact with his ex-girlfriend Grace and met his daughter, baby Tianna. Ever since, Grace has agreed to let Michael be in his little girl’s life.

In recent months, Grace and Michael have grown closer again and decided to give their relationship another go.

Grace seemed uneasy when Tianna called Michael ‘daddy’ in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

In Friday’s episode (September 25), Michael was ecstatic when Tianna called him ‘Daddy’ for the first time.

However, it was apparent Grace was uneasy and worried about her daughter getting too attached to him.

Fans have started to become suspicious and have predicted that Michael isn’t Tianna’s father.

Coronation Street: What happens this week for Grace and Michael?

Next week, it seems Grace’s unease is explained when she reveals to Michael that she plans to move away with their daughter.

In the upcoming scenes, Michael tells dad Ed he intends to spend his sale bonus on something special for Grace and Tianna, telling them to be at No.3 at lunchtime.

He shows Ed the engagement ring he’s bought for Grace and gets out the champagne.

Grace arrives and is stunned when Michael pops the question.

Michael proposes to Grace in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Grace tells Michael that she loves him but has something she needs to tell him. She announces that she is going to move to Spain with Tianna, leaving Michael dumbfounded.

Later, Michael is desperate to find Grace and asks Tim for her address.

However, Ed is shocked when Grace turns up and reveals Michael abducted Tianna from outside her house and she has no option but to call the police.

Ed soon finds his son in Victoria Gardens with the toddler and persuades him to come home.

Ed convinces Michael to come home with Tianna (Credit: ITV)

However, as they arrive home, the police turn up and arrest Michael on suspicion of child abduction.

At the police station, Michael is questioned. He admits it was wrong to take Tianna but says he couldn’t bear the thought of losing his little girl.

Will the police be lenient?

The police question Michael (Credit: ITV)

Michael and Grace move away?

Grace later tells Michael how sorry she is for the hurt that she’s caused.

She insists that she loves him and suggests they move to Spain together and start afresh.

What will Michael say to her offer?

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