Coronation Street Leanne Steve sleep together

Coronation Street fans predict Leanne and Steve will sleep together

They have both been struggling with Oliver's diagnosis

Coronation Street fans have predicted Leanne and Steve will sleep together after they ended up comforting each other in Wednesday’s episode (August 12).

Currently Steve and Leanne are facing every parents worst nightmare as their son Oliver was diagnosed with incurable mitochondrial disease. The terminal illness will shorten Oliver’s lifespan.

Although Steve seems to have been holding things together quite well, this week he ended up on a sausage rampage.

When Nina told Steve that they had run out of sausages and were having a veggie day, he freaked out and bought a packet from Dev’s. But when Nina refused to cook them, Steve had a meltdown and tried to protest behind the counter.

Steve has been struggling (Credit: ITV)

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When Leanne walked in, she could see that Steve’s outburst was due to the stress of Oliver’s condition. She took him back to No.1 and cooked his sausages.

Back at the house, Leanne admitted she had meltdowns and told Steve it was okay to be upset over Oliver.

Steve explained that his wife Tracy feared that Steve’s depression would return but he admitted it was the pressure of being normal that was getting to him.

The pair agreed that if they wanted someone to scream and shout at, they could do it to each other. But viewers think this will lead to them sleeping together.

Coronation Street: Steve and Leanne

Steve and Leanne have slept together twice before (Credit: ITV)

Fans of the show know Steve and Leanne slept together twice. The first time was when Steve thought Michelle had ended things between them. But in a twist, Leanne ended up falling pregnant with Oliver.

The second time was before Steve and Tracy’s second wedding. He believed Tracy gave him a free pass to sleep with someone else before their big day, but soon came to realise that wasn’t’ the case.

Coronation Street: Drama for Nick and Leanne?

Although fans are predicting Leanne and Steve will end up together, Nick’s ex Natasha Blakeman is set to return.

Leanne and Nick have been on and off since they were teenagers. But in 2010 he dated Natasha, who ended up falling pregnant with his child.

Natasha Blakeman returning to coronation street
Natasha is coming back (Credit: ITV)

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When he discovered her pregnancy, he ended things with her and she had a termination. Eventually he came round to the idea of being a dad and asked for her to take him back.

But she kept the abortion a secret until Gail found out and told Nick.

He then left Natasha once again. Broken-hearted she took an overdose but was found by her ex. Not long after she left Weatherfield in a cab.

However she will return when Nick bumps into her at the hospital. The pair catch up on news of the last decade but Nick is reluctant to tell Leanne about their chance meeting.

Will Natasha’s return drive them apart?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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