Coronation Street Elaine Tim's mum

Coronation Street fans predict Elaine is actually Tim’s MUM

Elaine revealed to Yasmeen she was abused by Geoff

Coronation Street fans have predicted  a ‘real’ identity for newcomer Elaine, suspecting she is Tim’s mum!

Earlier this week, viewers were introduced to Elaine as she paid Yasmeen a visit in prison and revealed she is an ex-partner of Geoff.

In last night’s episode of the ITV soap (Wednesday, July 22) she told Yasmeen about the abuse she also suffered at the hands of the radio DJ.

Elaine paid Yasmeen a visit in prison and Coronation Street fans think she is Tim’s mum (Credit: ITV)

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Elaine explained all the things Geoff used to do to her, including marking crosses around the house to ensure she cleaned, and convincing her she was an alcoholic. Yasmeen listened in horror realising they had both been through a very similar experience.

Elaine told Yasmeen she paid a heavy price and that Geoff is capable of violence.

However fans think that her comment about ‘paying a price’ could be a hint that she is Tim’s mother.

Coronation Street: Who IS Elaine?

It has not been revealed what time period Geoff and Elaine were together and their history.

What we do know is Geoff was once married to a woman named Tessa, who is Tim’s mother.

Fans think she could be Tim’s mum (Credit: ITV)

It was revealed earlier this year that Geoff once was arrested for affray after an argument with an ex-girlfriend.

But despite Geoff accusing his former partners of being abusive towards him, Tim continues to believe his dad has always been the victim.

So who is Elaine? And how does she fit into Geoff’s past?

What happens next for Elaine and Yasmeen?

In next week’s Coronation Street, Yasmeen wakes up in hospital after having a heart attack and Alya explains what happened. She assures her gran she will be fine and the trial will be postponed.

Meanwhile Elaine is upset to hear about Yasmeen’s heart attack and also that Tim believes his dad’s side of the story.

Later Elaine calls Alya and tells her she is prepared to give evidence against Geoff and wants to do what she can to help Yasmeen. Alya is overcome with gratitude.

It seems Yasmeen isn’t the first woman Geoff has abused (Credit: ITV)

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A ruffled Geoff assures Tim that everything the woman is saying is lies. Tim believes his dad and tells him if he sees her again, he will report her to the police. Geoff secretly breathes a sigh of relief.

Tim later tells Sally about this woman but she, already doubting Geoff’s innocent, wonders if he’s lying.

Later Elaine and Alya meet in Speed Daal. Alya implores her not to leave as she is their only hope of freeing Yasmeen. But Elaine is torn. Will she help?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV. 

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