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Tuesday 4th August 2020

Coronation Street fans left gasping at Gary Windass' huge bulge in Halloween costume

You can't unsee it...

Gary Windass put the 'ow' into Halloween last night, when his costume left Coronation Street fans in shock at his 'golden pouch'.

On Thursday (October 31), some of the residents of Weatherfield celebrated the annual spookfest with a children's party at the Dobbs house - but it was Gary's outfit that provoked the biggest response.

What. On. Earth? (Credit: ITV)

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And not in a good way.

The cobbles killer left soap fans speechless when he showed off his, ahem, rather large bulge in a gold onesie.

The builder-turned-loanshark walked into the children's party wearing the very revealing outfit and provoked a big laugh from Maria Connor.

Maybe not the reaction he wanted from the object of his affections.

Oscar? Is that you? (Credit: ITV)

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Inbetween giggles, she said: "You look amazing Gary."

But when Evelyn clapped eyes on him, she said: "Good God man, put some trousers on, there are children present."

Good god man, but some trousers on, there are children present.

He went on to explain that he had come dressed as an Academy Award, but the shiny gold outfit couldn't have been any further away from the classy ornament famously referred to as an 'Oscar'.

He also shared the fact he was wearing a cricket box down below.

Halloween fun in Weatherfield (Credit: ITV)

Later, as the kids played Halloween games, Maria turned to Gary and said: "Gold's always been my colour."

To which Gary flirted back: "Well, if you want, I can wear it again tomorrow when I take you out for lunch."

"Woah, Mr Smooth," she replied. "You've got a gold tongue as well as a gold... "

And he reminded her "there are kids present".

Maria did agree to go on a date with Gary, but will she come to regret it? Probably!

Those watching from home may never recover from the memory of Gary's outfit however, with one tweeting: "Nobody needs to see the Windass lunchbox."

Another said: "Gary's costume is a bit inappropriate."

A third remarked: "Sorry, but what is Gary Windass smuggling in those gold trousers?!"

"OMG Gary's costume, my eyes hurt," typed one more.

Despite appearances to the contrary, viewers know that Gary is in fact a cold-blooded killer, so Maria shouldn't be fooled by the comedy outfit.

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