Coronation Street fans in hysterics over Peter Barlow blunders

There were a few errors during Wednesday's episode...

Eagle-eyed Corrie fans have called out the soap for a series of embarrassing bloopers…

During Wednesday night’s visit to Weatherfield, fans wondered if the continuity editor might have fallen asleep on the job, as they saw Peter Barlow’s appearance vary wildly from scene to scene.

In fact, some fans were wondering whether Peter has his very own hair stylist waiting just off-screen!

Peter Barlow: Messy, long hair (Credit: ITV)

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During scenes in the warehouse, Peter’s hair looked – hmmm, how shall we put this? – not as ‘groomed’ as usual. By that we mean, it was long, floppy and messy!

But just seconds later, the very same man (played by Chris Gascoyne) was seen with a seemingly much shorter, stylish ‘do.

(We prefer him better with the neater style).

Peter Barlow: Groomed, neat hair (Credit: ITV)

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While most ITV viewers saw the funny side, one viewer seemed enraged, tweeting the soap directly with the message: “@itvcorrie Do you employ anybody who keeps an eye on continuity? Peter Barlow’s hairstyle changes in every scene. It’s a complete and utter joke.”

Another more chilled fan wrote: “Does Peter Barlow only ‘David Brent’ his hair with a forward fringe when he is in meetings? It is swept back now he’s alone with Carla.”

A third added: “Why does Peter Barlow have a special hair do for work?”


Meanwhile, the soap came under fire for yet another reason as Peter was seen interviewing a ‘Tina McIntyre’ lookalike at Underworld.

In an attempt to test her ex-husband, Carla organised for the ‘look-a-likey’ to be interviewed for a position at the factory.

Luckily, Peter decided not to hire her because of “how much (she) looked like a Mediterranean version of Tina” and he’s a “better man now”.

Tina McIntyre back from the dead? (Credit: ITV)

But fans were giggling once again, believing the actress looked nothing like the late Tina McIntyre (aka Michelle Keegan).

One wrote: “Only similarities to Tina are the gigantic earrings and the heap of hair.”

Another agreed, tying: “She looks nothing like Tina. Maybe #corrie needs to open up an opticians so Michelle can pop in and grab herself an eye-test.”

A third said: “Other than the hairstyle.. I don’t see think she looks like Tina.”

There’s no getting anything past the Corrie fans!

In more serious scenes, Peter’s son Simon was almost kidnapped when masked men attempted to bundle him into a car.

Perhaps that’s why Peter had more important things on his mind than his appearance?

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