Coronation Street: Fans have a theory about Arthur’s secret hospital visits

Arthur hasn't told Evelyn about his visit to the hospital

Coronation Street fans have a theory that Arthur is making secret visits to the hospital to see his ill wife.

Earlier this year, Evelyn got back in contact with old flame Arthur. Over the last few months, the two have been spending a lot of time together.

This week, the two planned a trip to the lakes together. But just before they set off, Arthur had to attend an emergency regarding his dog.

He returned hours later, but he and Evelyn still managed to make their trip.

Arthur hasn’t told Evelyn about his hospital visits (Credit: ITV)

After a night away, Evelyn and Arthur came home and Evelyn told grandson Tyrone that there was a hole in Arthur’s air mattress and they needed to come back.

But when Tyrone told Evelyn the mattress was fine, they realised Arthur was looking for an excuse to share a bed with her.

Realising she has feelings for Arthur, Evelyn admitted that she did like him and made their relationship official.

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However, viewers soon saw Arthur making a visit to the hospital.

Although fans started to worry that Arthur is ill, some have another theory – that he is visiting his ill wife.

Coronation Street: Arthur and Evelyn

Whilst we don’t know a lot about Arthur’s past, we do know he and Evelyn go way back.

The two dated when they were younger but went their separate ways and went on to marry other people.

Viewers know Evelyn had a daughter named Cassandra with husband Harold.

Evelyn and Tyrone met in 2018 (Credit: ITV)

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Cassandra had a son, Tyrone, who she abandoned as a baby. Years later, whilst living in South Africa, Cassandra died.

Meanwhile Tyrone was raised by Jackie and Darren Dobbs. In 2018, after finding out his parents weren’t his biological parents, Tyrone tracked down Evelyn and learnt he truth about his mum.

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